Stratus sets new standard with fifth reign as Women’s Champion
by Aaron Williams
June 15, 2004

Trish Stratus made history Sunday at Bad Blood, winning the Women’s Championship for a record fifth time; not too bad for someone who came to WWE just four years ago with the most basic of wrestling knowledge.

Her victory over Lita, Gail Kim and Victoria, all champions themselves, was a testament to how far she and the women’s division has come in a relatively short period of time.

When Trish arrived on the scene in March 2000, the women’s division was something of an afterthought. On occasion, WWE’s Divas would grapple, but for the most part, they worked as valets and entertained the crowd with their beauty much more than their brawn.

As Trish and the other female competitors demonstrated this past Sunday, and every night on RAW for that matter, today they are every bit as athletic as they are beautiful.

“When I came to WWE in March 2000, I just had some very rudimentary training and some basic knowledge,” Trish said. “I think the turning point for me came when I had my ankle injury in 2001 and then made my return in October. About that time WWE began to put more focus on the women’s division and Fit Finlay came aboard to help train all the women. He’s been a godsend to me and all the women on the roster.”

Though this is Trish’s fifth time wining the championship, her victory was no less sweeter than any of her other title wins.

“Each championship is unique and special,” she said. “The first time was the most surprising, at the 2001 Survivor Series. I went in as the underdog and everything just came together. My fourth win, at WrestleMania XIX, was maybe the most emotional moment of my career. The crowd was so into the match and behind us. It was an incredible feeling.”

Trish’s success has not come without a lot of hard work and dedication. Beyond the weekly grind of wrestling a WWE schedule, she’s suffered numerous injuries and spent countless hours learning the ropes and improving her wrestling skills. Few could have succeeded as she has, and the hard work has only made her championships that much sweeter.

“I’m very proud of becoming the first woman to win five World Championships,” she said. “I’m focused in everything I want to do. I set my goals high and work very hard to achieve those goals.

“But as much as I am personally proud for winning five championships, I’m equally proud just being part of a women’s division that has gotten so much better with all these great athletes here.

It all stems from the emphasis that WWE puts on the women’s division. Without it, the fans would not be so into our matches and the championships wouldn’t be as rewarding.”

The record for number of world title reigns, regardless of gender, is currently held by Ric Flair, who has 16 to his credit. Although Trish is flattered by any type of comparison made with the man many consider the best to ever lace up a pair of boots, she realizes that even coming close to the Nature Boy’s record might be stretching things a bit too far.

But who knows what the future holds? Who would have guessed in March 2000 that just over four years later, she would become the most decorated female Superstar in history? When it comes to Trish Stratus, anything is possible.


Coming home to a passion
by Michael Dworkis
July 02, 2004

In 2001, Trish Stratus was sidelined with an ankle injury that kept her out of action for a little over three months. During this time away from the ring, she spent many hours on designing her first home.

Three years later, Trish is now working on a new home in Toronto.

“The luxury of having three months (back in 2001) off was good for me to be able to plan out my home,” Trish says. “But compared to being back in the ring now, I never realized the luxury of being able to design my home in those three months off.”

Although she is back on the road traveling three or four days a week, she still makes time to enjoy her love of interior design, a hobby she continues to develop while on the schedule of a WWE Diva. Trish says it was like when she was becoming a WWE Superstar, she learned everything she could, absorbing as much as she can and then dove right in. Trish did the same thing with the field of interior design. She pursued the interest, and now she is finding the benefits of designing a custom house.

“By building a custom home, I could add things that suited my lifestyle and needs. For example, training and working out regularly in the gym is an everyday part of my life. To ease my travel, I had a gym built in my home. I’m constantly living out of a suitcase. I converted a room into a closet to help me organize my clothing and gear together, to lessen the hassle of packing and unpacking everything into different spaces.”

Trish admits to being hooked on shows like Trading Spaces and other home decorating programs on the TLC and HGTV channels, as well as reading home design magazines like Architectural Digest and Florida Design. She likes to bring out her personality in what she creates, using concepts from the magazines and television programs.

“I think my design is a reflection of my personality. I find I can walk into a room and visualize certain aspects that can suit my needs. I get inspired by magazines, using some ideas from there and put my own personality in. The design shows I watch give me a lot of ideas. I have such an urge to make my own things now.”

When she had taken time off to heal her injury, Trish had plenty of time to work on her custom house. Due to her hectic schedule of travel, Trish realizes that the activity of home design can become very time consuming.

“Everything is in the process of being settled right now. Whenever I'm home, that’s what I’m working on.

I keep a pen and paper by my bed always or with me on the plane, because you never know when I’ll come up with an idea. I have designs, promos and new moves I’m working on all on the same page!”

Trish is constantly coming up with new ideas for her custom house. She has decided on designing a new feature that was not in her first home: a space to be set up for her favorite collection since childhood: Barbie dolls.

“I have a huge Barbie collection. In my original house I just had them organized on the shelves. This time I am taking a section of my basement and I plan on trying to make a custom unit to display my expanding Barbie collection, due to the fact that the fans have sent me some gorgeous Barbie dolls that I would love to display. I want to shout out to my fans: Thank you so much!”

In addition to the Barbie doll collection that will be displayed, Trish is working on a space to set up a display of over 150 wrestling figures that she has spent many years collecting, which you can see on the Trish Stratus 100% Stratusfaction DVD.

If that isn’t enough, the bar that will also be installed will have an added glass shelf for Trish to display the many shotglasses she has collected from the various places she has traveled to for photo shoots, and events in the states and overseas.

As the number of places Trish visits increase, so does the size of her shot glass collection. She had this display in her first home, but will be expanded for the bar in her new project.

“The luxury of having three months (back in 2001) off was good for me to be able to plan out my home,” Trish says. “But compared to being back in the ring now, I never realized the luxury of being able to design my home in those three months off.”

Many of her friends come to Trish to ask for her expertise on spicing up their living space. After her days of active competition are over, one may think that with her passion of home design being as great as her passion for the sports-entertainment business, Trish may end up hosting her very own home design program.

Do you have a house or apartment that you are trying to spice up? Trying to give your place the perfect contemporary modern look? Email with questions regarding the design of your home and maybe she’ll give you the advice that will leave you simply Stratusfied.

WWE breaks taboo
by Anthony Cali & Keith Elliott Greenberg
September 20, 2004

TUCSON, Ariz. — Since the days when Nero entertained the masses at the Roman Coliseum to Vincent J. McMahon’s jam-packed cards at world-famous Madison Square Garden, spectators have only seen what promoters wanted them to see. Now, thanks to Mr. McMahon and his landmark announcement Monday on RAW, all of that’s about to change.

On October 19, RAW will host its first interactive pay-per-view, during which fans will actually create their very own card by voting for the matches they want to see most. In fact, WWE enthusiasts will actually take over Eric Bischoff’s job as General Manager for a night, creating intriguing match ups and wild stipulations. It won’t just be another Tuesday; it’ll be Taboo Tuesday.

This past week at the Tucson Convention Center, was fortunate enough to catch up with a few of the RAW Superstars to learn that they think of the Chairman’s groundbreaking edict:

Trish Stratus
“It doesn’t matter if it’s man, woman, or beast — bring ’em.”

Are you ready for some wrestling?
By Anthony Cali
November 22, 2004

BUFFALO, NY – This week’s Raw started out with a bang, so to speak, and surprised its viewers with an unexpected parody, that not only filled the HSBC Arena, but also millions of homes across the globe, with laughter.

In the opening segment, Trish Stratus tried to seduce Shelton Benjamin, before baring her assets to Mr. McMahon, and jumping in his arms, while the WWE Chairman introduced the broadcast by uttering six now-famous words. “Are you ready for some wrestling?” McMahon asked whimsically, with a huge grin on his face, cleverly rewording the weekly motto used by Raw’s Monday night gridiron counterpart.

“Obviously it was a natural fit,” Trish said of her classic performance. “If Nicolette Sheridan played the resident sex kitten on Monday Night Football, then I should be playing the resident sex kitten on Raw, especially since none of the other Divas are in my league. But in all honesty, it was a great chance and an opportunity for us to really show NFL fans that we’re simply a better, more exciting product.”

Another thing the parody was likely to have done, was to create a buzz throughout the sports and entertainment industries. Although if you ask Trish, being in the middle of controversy is nothing new. A few short years ago, Stratus caused a similar stir by getting down on all four, and barking like a dog. Ironically, that moment also included both Stratus and Mr. McMahon.

“What can I say?” the Diva from Toronto, Ontario, Canada pondered. “I am controversial, and whatever I’m involved in usually creates a buzz. I guess you can say Trish Stratus just gets people talking.”

Stratus reacts to Keibler being named 2004 Diva of the Year
December 27, 2004
By Anthony Cali

BILOXI, MS – After being voted Diva of the Year three straight times, Trish Stratus has finally been dethroned. On Monday night, Stacy Keibler announced that the fans had voted her the 2004 Diva of the Year (her stunning Babe of the Year photo spread can be seen in the January 2005 issue of Raw Magazine available January 11th).

Backstage at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, the former Babe of the Year sat on a black leather stool, watching a nearby monitor, and upon hearing the news of Stacy’s victory, Stratus showed zero emotion on her face, but one has to think that being unseated from her prestigious title must be bothering the Canadian Diva deep at heart. When asked what she thought of Keibler’s accomplishment, Stratus was not impressed.

"Oh I didn’t even know there was a contest this year,” Trish said with a big laugh. "Well, I’ve already had that honor three times, so I guess you can say I’ve moved on to bigger and better things. She can have that silly title.”

Since turning on Chris Jericho at WrestleMania XX, Trish has undergone a personality metamorphosis. The once sweet, good-natured Diva has gone on to become exceptionally egotistical and diabolical. Yet when asked if her change of heart may have affected the voting, Trish had a different reasoning for the outcome.

"Well the fans obviously have a misconception of beauty,” Trish continued. “I don’t need to prove anything. I think that the people already know deep down that I’m the best looking, and most dominant Diva in WWE. Maybe they just felt that had to give someone else - someone less attractive - a chance. But I’m really not concerned with what they think, I’m just concerned with getting my Women’s Title back.”

Aside from losing the Babe of the Year contest, Trish also lost her Women’s Title to Lita just a few weeks back on Raw. However unlike her Babe of the Year title, Trish won’t have to wait a full year before getting a Women’s Championship rematch. At New Year’s Revolution on January 9th, Trish will get her shot to regain the title from Lita.

To see photos of Stacy Keibler, 2004's Babe of the Year,
click here.

Note: This interview is an in-character interview of Trish's heel persona and should be taken as such.

Stratusfaction: Trish makes Christy see red
February 28, 2005
By Anthony Cali

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Trish Stratus’ quest for Diva dominance continued Monday night, as the Women’s Champion once again ruined Christy Hemme’s evening, this time by interrupting the unveiling of Christy’s Playboy cover and embarrassing her in front of a worldwide audience.

The problems between the two ladies began two weeks ago, when Trish first learned of the 2004 Diva Search Winner’s upcoming Playboy cover/pictorial, walked down to the ring, and proceeded to slap Hemme across the face. Last week, their situation escalated. During a conversation between Hemme and Candice Michelle, Trish interrupted, insulted them both, and then slapped Candice. Seconds later, Christy leapt to Candice’s defense, throwing Trish to the ground and having to be peeled off of her.

"All I want to know is why does Christy have to keep stealing my spotlight?” asked Trish. “If she’s gonna keep stealing my spotlight, than I’m just going to have to steal it back.”

Naturally, Trish refused to let Christy get the last laugh.

Aside from just running down Hemme’s Playboy appearance, Stratus took it a step further. The Toronto native used red spray paint to deface Hemme’s blown-up Playboy cover, before taking it even further by doing the same to Christy herself. After her impromptu painting session was over, Trish failed to show any remorse over actions.

“It was still a big night for Christy,” Stratus told sarcastically Monday night. “She had the honor of being ‘chick-kicked,’ and then she got to celebrate her Playboy release by painting the town red.”

Now that Trish has gotten the best of Christy on two separate occasions, one would think that she’s already proved herself as the dominant Diva. That however, is not the case. When asked whether the tormenting of Hemme has ended, Trish chuckled, and responded to the contrary.

"Oh honey, it’s only begun,” continued Trish, “because the bottom line is that I’m the greatest Women’s Champion ever, as well as the number-one Diva on RAW. So if she doesn’t start to know her role around here, than I’m going to have to teach it to her. And tonight was just lesson number-one!”

Stratus confident heading into WrestleMania Going into tonight’s arm wrestling do you think you underestimated Christy’s strength?
Trish Stratus: No. First of all, she proved what? She’s an arm wrestler. That’s fine. I’m a wrestler. It will be different when we get to WrestleMania. We’re having a wrestling match. And by the way, just for the record, I wasn’t ready. You took what some would call a cheap shot on Lita – why?
Stratus: She’s been getting in my way. She’s messing with my business. I took her out. Stay out. Get out of my way. Get out of my business. This is between me and Christy Hemme right now. She doesn’t have to be around. Do you think overall you’ve taken Christy lightly?
Trish Stratus: Yeah, but why shouldn’t I have? I’m a 6 time Women’s Champion. I’m the greatest Women’s Champion ever. I don’t even have to mention my Babe of the Year things because that’s irrelevant. We’re having a wrestling match for the Women’s Championship. She’s a Playboy cover girl and a RAW Diva Search contest winner. Big deal. I’m not taking her lighter because any challenge comes my way, fine. I know I can beat her. I got it. And at WrestleMania, I’ll beat her one, two,three!

Trish Looking Forward to Return

In the summer of 2001, Trish Stratus was out of action as she recovered from an ankle injury.

Stratus had three months to watch RAW from the comfort of her living room and contemplate her eventual return.

“During that time away, I decided to make the commitment to be a full-time wrestler once I returned,” Stratus told “And when I came back I won the Women’s Championship for the first time, so that was a career-changing decision.”

Now, four years later, Stratus is nearly fully recovered from a herniated disc in her lower back. Stratus, who last appeared on WWE television at Backlash in May, has been keeping up with RAW from home, and is looking forward to another successful comeback.

“I’ve been sitting at home and watching how the RAW landscape has changed,” Stratus said. “It’s very interesting. But I look forward to coming back and doing what I do best, and that’s delivering Stratisfaction.

“This is what I do for a living, and I’ve missed it very much,” Stratus added. “I’m very excited to come back and defend the Women’s Championship.”

Stratus appeared at some recent live events near her home in Toronto as part of Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel, which was subsequently cancelled as part of Jericho’s recent dismissal from RAW.

Stratus is also scheduled to be part of upcoming shows in Memphis, Jackson and Chattanooga, Tennessee. She expects to return to RAW soon.

Stratus said her recovery was a bit more difficult than she first expected. In fact, it wasn’t until Stratus added yoga to her rehabilitation program that she saw marked improvement.

“I’m feeling great on a day-to-day basis now,” Stratus said. “Originally, it was supposed to take eight weeks, but after eight weeks I was still having problems running or sitting too long bothered me. But I started to incorporate yoga with my physical therapy and that helped me along.”

Trish Stratus cracks the glass ceiling

By Evan Denbaum
November 10, 2005

Every Saturday, (in conjunction with The Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences) ranks the Top 25 Superstars in wrestling with POWER 25. The rankings are based on victories, quality of opponents, momentum and overall in-ring dominance, as well as intangibles. This week for the first time, a woman has cracked the POWER 25. Now that she has busted into this boys club on the strength of her Taboo Tuesday Diva Battle Royal victory, Women’s Champion Trish Stratus plans to keep climbing the charts. caught up with Trish via phone at her home in Toronto to get her take on being ranked No. 19, her fellow WWE Supertars and her place in Women’s Division history: Trish, this is the first time a woman has broken into the POWER 25. What are your thoughts on making the list and being ranked No. 19?

Trish Stratus: I’m pretty surprised. It’s definitely an honor to be the first woman and to be included with the other 24 Superstars who made the list. I have to say that when I hit the ring, I always try to give it my all and bring something fresh and new and intense. I do that for the fans, and it’s great to see that my hard work is getting noticed. You’re currently ranked one spot above “Mr. Money in the Bank” Edge. Any thoughts on pulling ahead of the 11-time tag team and five-time Intercontinental Champion?

Trish: Well, I’m the superior Canadian. Maybe he’ll climb the charts if he wants to spend more time focused on getting the job done in the ring rather than getting the job done in the sack. And you’re cool enough to be two spots above Carlito.

Trish: Maybe he should start walking the walk rather than talking the talk. You’re also ranked above Chris Masters, Eugene, Hardcore Legend Mick Foley and former longtime Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin.

Trish: Shelton Benjamin is always fantastic in the ring, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he soon leaps up the ranks just like he leaps with such athleticism in the ring. World Heavyweight Champion Batista was ranked No. 1 two weeks in a row, but now WWE Champion John Cena has taken over the top spot. How would you rank those spots?

Trish: I’m not surprised to see John Cena grab No. 1. When I think about my intensity and my energy in the ring as Women’s Champion, I really see that intensity mirrored in John Cena as WWE Champion. Ric Flair has climbed all the way to No. 3 after his “great escape” out of a steel cage against Triple H at Taboo Tuesday. What do you think about his ranking and recent resurgence?

Trish: Ric Flair is just an example of the best only getting better. Hopefully, once I think I’ve hit my peak, I can find a way to exceed even that the way Ric has done. Many people regard you as the greatest female wrestler of all time. Do you feel the same, and how do you feel about people talking about you in that light?

Trish: I’ve been lucky enough to be Women’s Champion at a time when the Women’s Division has been thriving. There are numerous contenders for the championship, and I just rely on giving 100 percent to overcome all opponents. I just keep doing my thing out there.

Be sure to check the POWER 25 this Saturday to see if Trish can maintain her ranking.


Trish reaches milestone in championship reign
By Evan Denbaum
January 20, 2006

On Jan. 9, 2005, Trish Stratus blasted Lita with a Chick Kick on pay-per-view and won the Women’s Championship for an unprecedented sixth time. Now, more than one full year later, Stratus has reached elite company as one of the longest-reigning champions of all time. Her 376 consecutive days as champion is all the more impressive considering the strength of the Women’s Division compared to past years. caught up with Trish to commemorate the anniversary of her record-breaking championship victory and get her thoughts on the challenges this new year brings. What does the length and success of this reign mean to you?

Trish Stratus: Hard work pays off. I worked my butt off to be the best at what I do out there. I want to be remembered at the best Women’s Champion ever. I’ve faced a lot of challenges during the past year, and in a sense, every match is a new challenge. They come from either a new opponent or the circumstances going into the match, but I thrive on new challenges. I try to go out there and each time and outshine my last performance; I want to leave a memorable impression with the fans -- and with my opponent -- every time. By doing that, I can maintain a championship level of performance, do the very best that I can, and keep this lengthy reign alive. You said you want to be remembered as the greatest Women’s Champion ever. Many feel this current reign has put you over the top as the best ever. How does it feel to be considered perhaps the Women’s Champion for the ages?

Stratus: It’s a huge honor to hear such praise. There’s a strong focus on the Women’s Division right now, and there are so many women who have the ability to challenge me. It really allows us to go out there and charter new territory, and it provides entertaining and exciting matches for the fans. It’s great for the championship and for the Women’s Division. How have you been able to hold the championship for so very long?

Stratus: I’ve tried to constantly evolve as a performer and a champion. I’m always trying to incorporate new styles of wrestling. The key is that I thrive on challenges, and by putting new tactics and moves into play, I’m able to cope with those obstacles with success. Few Superstars have succeeded in holding an active championship as long as you. “Ravishing” Rick Rude held the United States Championship for more than a year, as did Demolition with the World Tag Team Championship. Also, “Macho Man” Randy Savage held the WWE Championship from March 27, 1988 until April 2, 1989. Now, your Women’s Championship reign will be beside those listings as the longest in sports-entertainment history. What are your thoughts about that?

Stratus: It’s amazing when put it into context. I grew up a huge fan of Randy Savage. The fact that he was able to sustain his status and level of performance for that long – and the fact that I’m doing something comparable, and hopefully as memorable, is a real honor.

Trish on Mick Foley
By Mick Foley
January 25, 2006

Mick Foley recently did a blog on WWE.Com regarding Stacy Keibler on Dancing with the Stars. While speaking about their meeting, he referred to comments Trish made about him.

Trish Stratus may have summed the feeling up best when she called me, “the safety valve,” meaning the girls felt comfortable around me because they didn’t perceive me as threatening in any way. They can cut loose around me; they can say things that might normally be seen as inappropriate in mixed company. And they don’t worry because I’m the safety net. The nice guy. Hell, if it weren’t for my wife, the four kids, my super heterosexual lifestyle, no make that “super-duper heterosexual” lifestyle, I might even be thought of as “the gay friend.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

WWE Divas highlight's "Top 99 Most Desirable Women" list
By Evan Denbaum and Ed Williams III
February 1, 2006 asked 2.5 million readers — along with its staff — who the most desirable women in the world were. The response: WWE Divas Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson are among the women topping the list.’s annual “Top 99 Most Desirable Women” highlights Stratus at No. 30 and Wilson at No. 22, declaring them more alluring than most of the world’s other cover girls, athletes, supermodels, actresses and sex-symbols.

Trish and Torrie smoke Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova off the court; they steal the screen from Carmen Electra, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Garner; they butt out J-Lo and Beyonce and outshine Tyra Banks, according to the list.

“I’m totally flabbergasted to be ahead of all those women,” said Trish upon hearing the news. “I just have to say, it all comes down to our fans. WWE fans worldwide are so loyal, and I’m sure they supported me in the voting for this.”

Torrie was equally thrilled to discover her lofty “Desirable” status. “I’m honored to be compared with some of the great actresses on there,” she told by phone. “It makes me feel really good that the people think of me that highly. This news really just made my week.”

In addition to this accolade, cited both Trish and Torrie as having all the necessary attributes to be cross-over stars in the acting world, following in the footsteps of The Rock.

“It’s definitely something I’ve thought about,” Torrie said. “But with our schedule it’s really hard. It’s good to know other people would like to see me do that, too.”

But what about the smattering of women in front of them on the list … any jealousy or hard feelings? Not really, but Trish did find a bit of a trend.

“I notice that the women ahead of me have consistently been in tabloid headlines. I guess to be ranked any higher, I’d have to have my heart broken, my husband stolen and go through a divorce, so I’m content to be at No. 30,” Trish said.


A riveting T-shirt
By Brett Hoffman
May 3, 2006

Each Monday night on RAW, Trish Stratus can be seen going toe to toe with the other Divas of WWE. But outside the ring, Trish sees herself and the other WWE Divas as role models for women everywhere. That is the theme to Trish’s latest T-shirt, which is a spin off of America’s World War II feminist icon, Rosie the Riveter. caught up with Trish to discuss the new T-shirt and the story of how it came about.

When the discussion of a new shirt started, Trish looked to her fans for suggestions. “I kept getting letters from fans telling me to come up with something that was both cool and empowering for women,” says Trish. She was reminded of a photo taken of her from the WWE book ‘Unscripted’. As Trish explains, “In the ‘Unscripted’ book, there is a picture of me sporting a beautiful black eye, and I’m wearing a shirt with Rosie the Riveter on it that says ‘Chicks kick ass.’ I thought to myself, what a cool concept, let’s put my image in it and change the slogan.”

Why the interest in Rosie the Riveter? Trish was passionate in her response, “During World War II, most of the men went to fight the war, leaving the factories void of capable workers. Rosie was the poster girl for the women who were used to staying at home. Her slogan was ‘We can do it’, and it encouraged women to go to the factories and take the jobs that were left when the men went to war.”

Years later, Trish understands the impact of Rosie the Riveter on women in America. “It gave women a sense of purpose, they felt like they were contributing, they were keeping companies afloat, and in a sense, they kept America afloat.”

The former Women’s Champion is adamant about the role that women can play in America. “We can all be role models if we choose to be, and I hope all women are encouraged in some little way by this T-shirt.” Trish sees a piece of Rosie in all the WWE Divas. “Her message is what we strive to represent. Women can do it. They can kick butt, and they can take care of business in a male dominated world.”

When it was all said and done, “Let’s Do It’’ was the slogan decided on for Trish’s shirt, as she carries the tradition of Rosie the Riveter into the 21st century as an inspiration to all men and women alike.

Order your brand new Trish shirt from WWEShop.


Down, but not out
By Louie Dee
May 9, 2006

Trish Stratus may have suffered an injury at Backlash, but that doesn’t mean the delicious Diva will be disappearing from your television screen.

Luckily for Trish, her shoulder injury wasn’t as severe as it could have been. “There was a dislocation, but there was thankfully no ligament or tendon damage,” Trish told me over the phone. “There’s a hairline fracture in there, which I have to let heal, but I’m not in all that much pain anymore.”

Trish practices yoga regularly, and she cited that as one of the things that helped keep the severity of the injury down. “The doctors told me that because I was so flexible thanks to yoga, it kept anything from tearing right off the bone, which is the major concern in any dislocation.”

In fact, Trish told me that yoga will be a major part of her rehab. “I went to yoga twice last week and it really helped. Luckily, I was able to do pretty much everything I normally do. I don’t have anything specific to do to rehab my shoulder, other than trying to keep the flexibility and range of motion where it should be.”

Last week, Trish cost Mickie James a tag team match, and she was in Maria’s corner this past Monday night for a match with the Women’s Champion. “Just because I’m injured doesn’t mean you won’t see me,” Trish told me. “I think the fans will still get some Stratusfaction every Monday night!”

If you still can’t get enough Trish, then her “Evolution of a Diva” subsection on should help your appetite. But what does Trish think about being profiled? “I think it’s great. I’m totally honored, and it’s enlightening to go back and see my evolution. Sometimes, you tend to forget everything you’ve done over the years, and it’s brought back a lot of memories. I saw that did a subsection on Triple H as well; so if he’s the King of Kings, I guess that means I’m the Queen of Queens?”

With everything Trish has accomplished in her career, it might be hard to disagree with that statement. Check out Trish’s “Evolution of a Diva” subsection here.


Trish tells it like it is
By Ed Williams III
May 28, 2006

There’s no denying that Trish Stratus is the quintessential Diva in WWE. She made her debut in 2000 and has worked tirelessly over the last six years to become the most accomplished Diva in WWE history. Through hard work and perseverance Trish overcame the stigma of being just another pretty face to become a six-time Women’s Champion. So, with the 2006 Diva Search Contest coming up, who better to talk about the annual event than the most successful Diva herself – Trish.

This year’s contest will be the third of its kind, and Stratus isn’t surprised in the least that it has lasted this long.

“Of course it’s still around because you can’t beat a bunch of sexy women on RAW every week,” she said. “We know that is a formula that works. So I’m not surprised at all.”

While the contest is returning this year, there is a new twist. The Diva Search will be held on both RAW and SmackDown for the first time ever. Previously, the contest had been a RAW exclusive. Stratus thinks spreading the contest out over both brands is a smart move that can benefit the contestants.

“It will give the contestants more exposure, which is good, and it might give them a chance to interact with both RAW and SmackDown Superstars,” she said. “Obviously we have Divas on both shows, and it will be good for the contestants to get a feel for both brands.”

Even though the Diva Search has been a success in terms of ratings and finding new talent, Trish says that the contest isn’t perfect.

“I think there should be a preliminary question on the application such as what does WWE stand for?” she said. “If they get it right or wrong, it would be a good way to weed them out. I would also like to see more personality and get to know each contestant a little bit more throughout the process. I just need to see more than a pretty face and hotdog eating skills.”

Several of the current Divas got their first WWE exposure through the Diva Search Contest. Playboy cover girl Candice, Maria, Kristal and of course, last year’s winner Ashley, were all contestants in the Diva Search. So, surely the contest is paying dividends, right? Well, maybe not according to Trish.

“Well, Ashley broke her leg so I don’t know if it is working out that well. I don’t know, I think that this time around we have to get more of their physical attributes out, and I mean that as physical, not “physical” if you know what I mean,” joked Trish. “That is what the audience demands, and that is what a Diva of today is all about. She gets into the ring and she kicks ass. A little more athleticism should be seen.”

And when a new winner of the contest is crowned this year, Trish will be ready to greet her in her own special way.

“Any Diva who wants to come along, I will be more than happy to Stratisfy her.”

Canada's Walk of Fame gets some Stratusfaction
By Ed Williams III
June 2, 2006

WWE fans usually see Trish Stratus inside the squared circle pulverizing her opponents with her dominant offense. But on Saturday, she will be showing off some different skills – singing and dancing. The six-time Women’s Champion has been chosen to host the 2006 Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Trish will be inducting eight Canadians ranging from Eugene Levy of American Pie fame to Pamela Anderson. Trish, of course, is a proud Canadian herself, and was excited to find out she was chosen to host the event.

“The President and Co-CEO of Canada’s Walk of Fame’s kids are fans of wrestling, and he had seen my Second City shot which I did down in Toronto,” said Stratus. “He had just seen me in various media outlets in Toronto and thought it would be a great way to sort of show my stuff out there. But I also think he was interested in the demographic that I would bring along. Also, he’s Greek and I’m Greek, so it all worked out.”

Stratus was pretty tight-lipped about the details of the ceremony, but she was able to divulge a couple of juicy tid-bits.

“There will be five costume changes, there will be singing and dancing and there will be a little bit of ‘ha ha’,” said Stratus. “I met a designer named Renella De Fina, and she did gowns and gorgeous stuff. So, I immediately thought of her when I found out about this event. She designed a couple of my gowns. My opening outfit was actually inspired by Chicago. I’m a huge fan of the movie.”

But that’s as much detail as Stratus was willing to reveal. She’s not shy, however, about how proud she is to be hosting the event.

“When they first asked me, it was an honor in itself just to be associated with the event,” she said. “This event is wonderful for the fact that it raises awareness and brings attention to the Canadians. A lot of times we know the artist, entertainer or athlete, but don’t realize they’re Candian. I’m also excited because I have carte blanche. The first thing I said I wanted was a huge opening number with singing and dancing.”

The smooch heard 'round the world
By Louie Dee
June 15, 2006

On June 3, Trish Stratus hosted the 2006 Canada’s Walk of Fame induction ceremony in Toronto. In what was by far the hottest moment of the ceremony, the WWE Diva engaged in a lip lock with another blonde Canadian bombshell, Pamela Anderson. It was a moment that I’m sure many men have saved on their TiVo, but according to Trish it was quite spontaneous.

“Honestly, I completely ad-libbed it out there,” the six-time Women’s Champion admitted. “When I was asked to host, Pam was also hosting the Juno Awards and they billed it as a ‘network battle of the blondes.’ So I knew I wanted to do something with her, maybe a sketch or something, but she had scheduling conflicts with other events.”

The “something” Trish ended up doing with Anderson turned out to be one of the hottest moments of the year. “Right before I went out there, I told my make-up artist what I was going to do and she said I should tell the writers,” Stratus said. “But I said no, I’m not going to do that, I think I’ll just seize the moment. If there’s a Pamela Anderson moment out there, I’ll take it!”

As anyone else probably would be, Trish was a little flustered as it happened. “I was ready to brush it off in my Trish Stratus way, but once she stood up I was like damn,” Stratus said. “You know how on Baywatch they run in slow motion? It was like that, but her lips were in slow motion. Afterwards, I was kind of befuddled, I didn’t really know what to say and kind of fumbled a bit,” she added with a laugh.

In the end, Trish was glad that she could provide the steamy moment. “I guess the combination of two hot blonde Canadians works,” she beamed, “so to all my male fans I say you’re welcome!”

While the kiss may have been the steamiest moment of the night, it wasn’t the only entertainment Trish provided. As host, she got to perform quite the song and dance routine, which she says was inspired by her love of the music from the movie Chicago.

“The singing I can do is kind of a jazzy, blues-based sound like the movie; when I travel between shows, the soundtrack from Chicago is what I listen to the most,” Trish revealed. “So we went with that style and based the number on “Minnie the Moocher” from the The Blues Brothers.”

Once Trish got involved, she actually got a Chicago connection. “I wanted to make the best of the opportunity, so I asked if I could get a vocal coach,” Trish said, “and they were more than happy to do so. When I walked into her studio, there was a big Chicago poster, and I found out that she had worked with Renee Zellweger when they filmed the movie in Toronto…it was almost a sign that it was meant to be!”

Instead of Chicago, Trish’s number almost had a little Motown soul to it. “We were tossing around ideas, and someone had the idea to do sort of a Canadian version of ‘Living in America’,” she recalled. “They were like we can change Detroit to Kitchener and make references to hockey pucks, it’ll be great! Everyone got excited and started writing new lyrics, but I had to say wait a minute, I never said I can sing like James Brown!”

With all the singing, dancing and smooching going on, the true honor for Trish was just hosting the ceremony. “When they asked, I told them of course; I was really excited,” Trish said. “As a Canadian entertainer myself, it was neat because the Canadian Walk of Fame brings recognition and increases awareness of the talent we have in Canada.”

The Walk of Fame, which is similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California, is located in Trish’s hometown of Toronto. So does the “quintessential WWE Diva” see herself there someday?

“That would certainly be an honor,” Trish said, “but I believe a person has to have 10 years in their field to be inducted onto the Walk of Fame so that’s a few more years of bumps and bruises.” That’s no problem for her though, as she added that “to be the first female wrestler inducted it would be definitely be worth it!”

Trish has already proven that she can kick butt in the ring, and hosting the Walk of Fame has let her show off some of her musical talent as well. The way she’s going, it may only be a matter of time before a star bearing Trish’s name takes its place on King Street in Toronto.

WATCH video of Trish hosting the 2006 Canadian Walk of Fame ceremony

Growing pains
By Louie Dee
June 27, 2006

This week on RAW, Trish Stratus returned to action after missing nearly two months thanks to a dislocated shoulder. While the initial diagnosis was six weeks of rehab, Trish told in an exclusive interview that an injury concurrent with the dislocation cost her couple extra weeks of rehab time.

“There was a small fracture of the humerus that needed to heal, so I had to wait on that,” she said, “but that’s now finally healed and I’ve been hitting rehab pretty hard trying to get my strength back. Luckily I have 100 percent mobility in the shoulder, so it’s just a matter of strengthening it. I’ll be back in tip-top shape in no-time, once again delivering Stratusfaction in the ring.”

While Trish was out, she brought Beth Phoenix to RAW to help her combat Mickie James. Unfortunately, Beth suffered a broken jaw during a match against Victoria, and she will be out of action for a couple months while that injury heals. It was just another in a line of injuries surrounding those that oppose the Women’s Champion; with Ashley breaking her leg, Trish dislocating her shoulder and now Beth breaking her jaw, one has to wonder if maybe there’s some sort of curse surrounding Mickie James.

“Let’s just say that I pity that woman’s love life,” Trish joked. “But you know, maybe in my time off I’ve done a little spell reversing…and maybe she’s going to get injured in my path.”

Hey, if the Boston Red Sox were able to “reverse the curse” in 2004, don’t count out Trish’s chances to do the same.

While she was out, however, Trish got to become part of WWE Shop’s newest line of merchandise: Superstar growth charts. Just about everyone I knew had one as a kid; mine was a poster of Michael Jordan, but I still haven’t quite gotten to 6 foot 6 after all these years. However, today’s youth can now grow up trying to top some of the most recognized WWE Superstars.

Trish is the only WWE Diva making an appearance, joining Carlito, John Cena and Triple H in the initial wave of four. Naturally, Trish was very excited about the new piece of merchandise.

“I think it’s very cool,” she said. “And looking at Carlito’s, I was surprised to see that I’m only about six inches shorter then he is,” she added with a chuckle.

And of course, being the only Diva in the bunch makes it even more special for Trish. “It’s pretty special to have that honor,” she beamed, “and hopefully there will be a number of young and aspiring Divas who try to measure up to Trish Stratus using the growth chart.”

But the growth chart may not be all the new Trish merchandise you see in the future.

“I wear armbands a lot, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I had the Let’s Do It! logo from my new t-shirt put onto an armband,” Trish said. “Armbands are one of my favorite accessories, and in fact, I’m wearing one on the new growth chart. I think some Trish Stratus armbands would be very Stratus-fying for the fans!”

If there is one negative about her new growth chart, it’s that looking at it while rehabbing reminds Trish of the many injuries she’s suffered throughout her career. Regardless, she has taken a licking and keeps on ticking.

“I’ve broken my nose three times, blackened my eye, busted my lip and cracked some teeth…and that’s just my head,” she joked. “I’ve dislocated, separated and torn the labrum in my shoulder, had two herniated discs in my back, broken my right ankle and many toes, the list goes on.” And of course, she later added with a smile that “I’ve had many broken nails and pieces of hair torn out. It’s all part of being a Diva!”

With that laundry list of maladies to her…credit, Trish says that the herniated discs were the hardest to come back from.

“I had to question my future with that, because I couldn’t even sit for more than 45 minutes at a time,” she recalled. “It wasn’t about being in the ring, I couldn’t even travel because of that. It was a little frustrating, because I had two months of physical therapy and it didn’t seem to get better.”

Luckily for Trish, she was able to turn that negative into a positive.

“I look at (the injury) as a pivotal point in my life because that’s when I found yoga,” she said. “It completely healed my back, and I’ve continued practicing yoga for about a year now. It’s completely changed my mind and my body, and I believe I’m more agile than ever now.”

Trish also attributes yoga to helping stem the severity of her most recent injury. “I should have torn something in there, which is what usually happens with dislocations,” Trish stated, “but I think the yoga helped keep that injury to a minimum and helped me heal quicker.”

Of course, now that she’s recovered from her latest setback, Trish says it’s all just part of the job.

“It’s like one of those commercials. You can list all of my injuries, but being a six-time Women’s Champion is priceless,” she said with a laugh.

With an attitude like that, it may only be a matter of time before reign number seven begins for Trish Stratus.

Get your Trish Stratus Growth Chart from WWE Shop now!

Agent Confidential - Past and Present Diva
By Steve Keirn
June 28, 2006

There’s a lot of differences between the Divas of today and the Divas of yesterday, and very few similarities. First of all, the Divas from the past were more a tough style, they were more manly, more rugged, and they wore one piece bathing suits that didn’t really show of their bodies. Second of all, they probably didn’t want to show them off, but they seemed to have that tougher core, tougher outside. When I was a young guy in the 70s, I’d come into the dressing room and there would be the women wrestlers in there and they would have tattoos on their arms and they talked with real rough voices. They wanted to arm wrestle you or Indian leg wrestle you in the dressing room. They wanted to prove they were tough. It was a more callous group. They were real scary as a matter of fact; it wasn’t the same kind of beauty thing that’s going on now.

The Divas of today that I’ve had the opportunity to work with is a totally different group. These girls have beautiful bodies, they have beautiful faces, they are the cream of the crop as far as women go/ They’re less physical compared to Divas of the past, so they need some more help as far as their physical part in the ring, but at the same time, they’re more appealing to the audience, they’re more appealing to the guys in the dressing room. I think I’ve been chosen because I have a daughter about their same age. They’re not as appealing to me, they’re like one of my kids. But at the same time, I can see why the men have an attraction to them. Now they don’t have that tough, callous core. They’re sweeter, they’re nicer, they’re easier to get along with and they’re very respectful to me and my job.

There are also a lot of good Divas who work well in the ring. Not all of them are coming untrained. When we have the Diva contest, wrestling experience is not one of the prerequisites for the Diva contest. I’ll give you an example, somebody like Ashley, who won our Diva contest last year, a beautiful young girl, great body, great personality, very attractive, but in the same time, lacking some of the physical capabilities. So it’s more of a “Okay, I look good. Now I need some help about what I should do in the ring.” Now all of them are very open to learn, not one of them have given me a problem as far as attitude. They never say “I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do that.” They all have that enthusiastic approach to the wrestling industry, but in the same respect, there’s just a little lacking so far as they’re not all tomboys, they’re not all that manly kind. They’re all that kind of like gentle girls that are caught up in the wrestling thing and they want to be that part, but it takes a lot of help to get them to that level.

On the other hand, you have the Trish Stratus’, you have the Victorias, you have the Mickie James. You have all of these other girls that have a lot of physical capabilities and the beauty and the bodies and have had some training. They’re a joy to work with. They’re cooperative, and I’ve got to tell you, coming straight from an agent, these girls are all tough, even if they don’t look tough. I’ll give you an example, Trish Stratus blew out her arm at Backlash and she continued to wrestle and kept on going until she basically lost the match. She never quit, when she came back she tried to shake it off. I watched them set her shoulder from being a dislocated shoulder and she was as tough as any of the guys I’ve seen.

Comparing the Women’s Champion of today, Mickie James, to the Women’s Champion of yesterday, Fabulous Moolah, is a tough one. I don’t want to discredit anybody one way or another. I really wasn’t around Moolah that often. In the yesteryear, the old regionalized territories, the women only came through once a year. Nowadays, I see them all the time, I experience them and I help them. The Fabulous Moolah was probably a fantastic Women’s World Champion. She probably offered a lot to the wrestling industry, the only thing is that she was pretty scary looking. To me, as a young guy, I’m looking at her thinking I wouldn’t want to fight her in a bar. Opposite of that, there’s Mickie James, a pretty, young girl. If you saw her in a bar, you would think of asking her to dance more than to asking her to fight. In the same comparison, Mickie James has so much athletic ability. She gets in that ring and goes just as strong and as hard as the guys do today. So physically, I think she compares to the Fabulous Moolah, so far as her ability in the ring, but as for appearance, that’s night and day. That’s like looking at the wicked witch of the west as opposed to Dorothy or the other witch in the land of Oz, that’s the way I see it.

Will Carlito and Trish Get Stratusfaction?
By Jen Hunt
July 14, 2006

Tension mounts both inside the ring and out between what could possibly be the four best heads of hair on RAW. Former Women’s Champion Trish Stratus and former Intercontinental Champion Carlito are teaming up to take on current Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro and the extremely flexible Melina at Saturday Night’s Main Event July 15 at 8/7 CT on NBC. caught up with all four Superstars who had some pretty heated words about their opponents.

“You can tell that Carlito doesn’t really care about himself,” said Nitro. “He’s out of shape, his personal hygiene is atrocious, his hair is all frazzled, he doesn’t shave everyday, he’s lazy. I think that’s what they do in the Caribbean; they just sit in their hammocks and they don’t really care about much.”

“Is that what he said?” asked Carlito. “I guess he doesn’t know anything about Caribbean people. Hollywood people are the dirtiest people around so I should be scared about getting in the ring with him.”

The men weren’t the only ones to exchange jabs. Trish Stratus responded to Melina’s repeated protests that she represents the new era of the Divas and Stratus is just a name from the past.

“Well, I mean I can understand because she’s got, hold on let me count for a second…oh, she’s got no Women’s Championships. And, well, she’s tried to do some magazine stuff…Oh, she’s got no covers either.” Trish also said that she is more experienced and is counting on the fact that she’s “been around the block” to beat her opponent.

But Melina thinks otherwise.

“Trish hasn’t had any real competition in a long, long time,” said Melina. “I can take her by surprise.”

This heated back and forth is just the most recent in a rivalry that began back at Vengeance when Nitro pulled Carlito off Shelton Benjamin in order to secure the pin and the Intercontinental Championship for himself.

The next night on RAW, Trish was confronted by Melina who let her know she was taking over as RAW’s top Diva and that Trish’s reign was over. Stratus retaliated with her fists, but Nitro came to Melina’s aid, and it looked like 2-on-1 might be too much for the former Women’s Champion. Carlito rushed in to run off Melina and Nitro, and the Canadian-Caribbean connection was born.

The following week Nitro defended his championship against Carlito who was about to get the pin before Melina jumped. This caused Carlito to win by disqualification, allowing Nitro to keep the belt. This time it was Trish who came to Carlito’s aid to make sure he wasn’t out numbered.

The Divas faced off on this week’s Monday night RAW and went at it like they were out for blood. Trish was about to hit Melina with some Stratusfaction, but Nitro caused a distraction ringside allowing Melina to get a roll-up pin for the win. Carlito ran out before Melina and Nitro could double team Trish. Instead, she and her cool tag team partner doled out double beatings and double drop kicks on their opponents.

It all comes to a head at Saturday Night’s Main Event July 15 at 8/7 CT on NBC. As Trish Stratus put it, tune in to see, “a really Stratusfying and cool match.

Trish gets wet
By Zack Zeigler
August 3, 2006

Is there anything other than the cover of the September issue of WWE Magazine – Trish Stratus hosed down and soaking wet in a white tank top and white bikini bottom – that could possibly deserve the lead in this month’s WWE magazine preview?

Didn’t think so.

The picture won’t just impress any warm-blooded male with a pulse — it impressed Stratus too, who has participated in numerous photo shoots and pictorials throughout her successful career.

“It’s one of my best pictures,” said Trish in an interview with “It’s nice to just see the real you, and my personality’s coming through [in the picture].”

Her pride in the magazine extends beyond her involvement; she’s fallen for the new concept of the publication as well.

“I love it! It’s the kind of magazine you can, like, sit on the can with for hours,” she laughed. “People who aren’t even into wrestling can get to learn about the Superstars. I’m really happy with the direction they’ve gone,” Stratus said.

And anyone who isn’t sure of what she means by “the direction they’ve gone” only needs to refer to her interview to understand. Inside, Trish opens up about the type of underwear she wears, the type of dudes she likes to date, the precise number of times she’s seen Lita naked and –finally! — the female movie stars and Diva she’d most like to…you know.

But it’s not just the pressing questions and ultra-revealing answers that make Trish’s cover memorable. The photos showcase Stratus’ broad range as a talented Diva and former Women’s Champion, as well as the eloquent beauty she is when she’s away from the ring.

“If you look at the inside shots, they’re just so, old Hollywood…just something I haven’t really done before, and it’s really…it’s really nice to achieve such different looks,” she said.

After reading what Trish hides in her vault, there’s plenty more to read while you cool down —and if you don’t think so, burn some daytime cell phone minutes and call the writers at WWE Magazine to let them know about it. Seriously…they insist on it.

Plastered on the cover is their telephone number and an invite to call with grievances, comments or simply to unleash obscenities. There shouldn’t be too much to complain about though, as the September issue continues the trend of providing interesting reading material that began with last month’s premiere issue.

This month, Mr. Kennedy answers fan mail and gives his thoughts on American Idol, the lat injury that kept him on the sidelines, how to impress a girl’s parents and how he keeps his vocal chords fresh to deliver that kabooming-Kennedy voice.

Also, have you ever wondered what the most disgusting locker room prank in the history of sports-entertainment is? After an interview with ECW’s Tommy Dreamer, that question could finally have a definitive answer. Speaking of the waning days of ECW before its resurrection on Sci Fi, Dreamer reveals the funniest — or grossest — memory he has from the ECW locker room. He also talks about his uncanny ability to block out pain, which has allowed him to compete when he should have been laid up in a hospital bed.

Is there anyone more deserving of “Jerk of the Month” than Matt Striker? Being a former teacher hasn’t taught Striker any humility, and WWE Magazine calls him out on it, firing four accusations as to why he’s their candidate for their “Jerk of the Month” (only – no surprise – to be countered by four overconfident rebuttals from Striker).

There’s a heaping dose of “Divas Uncensored” this month with special guest Women’s Champion Mickie James. She teams with the other three Diva regulars — Melina, Ashley and Maria — to shell out advice on how guys can stop impromptu ‘tent-pitching,’ what to do when the significant other has a problem with your private stash of adult entertainment, how to break off a relationship with a co-worker and the fine line between dating a lass who enjoys rolling around the sheets, and one deserving of the title nymphomaniac.

Plus, video game reviews, gadgets, gear, trivia, sweepstakes, and Superstar and Diva recipes; the toughest man to ever wear a dress, Vito, compares razors, and decides which blades are best for the pits, on the road, and the best all-around—whatever that means; and Mr. Fuji’s back with his movie picks, telling it like it is with movies like Scary Movie 4 and X-Men: The Last Stand...but, strangely, he has kind words for Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Come on, Mr. Fuji…come on.

Covering everything that’s packed into the September issue of WWE Magazine would take a novel, but don’t take my word for it. Grab it yourself when it hits newsstands on Aug. 8. Just look for Trish (you can’t miss her) on the sexiest cover on the magazine racks.

Lita drops a bombshell
By Louie Dee
August 28, 2006

In a blockbuster that will send a shockwave throughout sports-entertainment, has learned that Trish Stratus will be retiring following Unforgiven next month.

However, it wasn’t Trish herself that provided this information to Earlier today, Women’s Champion Lita called the offices to announce Trish’s retirement. Apparently, Lita overheard a personal telephone conversation this weekend between Trish and her parents about her decision to hang up the boots.

“Trish was saying that the road has been taking its toll on her and it was time to take some time for herself,” Lita told, “but the hardest part was that she couldn’t decide how to tell her fans. Well, being the good friend that I am, I figured I’d break the news through to alleviate her worries and save her the trouble of figuring out how to let down all her fans like that.”

Trish confirms retirement
By Louie Dee
August 29, 2006

As first reported Monday night on and in a WWE Mobile Alert, Trish Stratus is set to retire from in-ring action following Unforgiven next month. After Women’s Champion Lita called to break the story on Monday, Trish confirmed on Tuesday morning that she indeed will be hanging up the boots.

Trish told that she was upset that Lita chose to break the story how she did, as she wanted to tell the WWE fans in her own way. However, the six-time Women’s Champion then refused any additional comment, saying she will address the situation this coming Monday night on RAW.

On Monday afternoon, Lita called the offices to announce Trish’s retirement. Apparently, Lita overheard a personal telephone conversation this weekend between Trish and her parents about her decision to retire.

“Trish was saying that the road has been taking its toll on her and it was time to take some time for herself,” Lita told, “but the hardest part was that she couldn’t decide how to tell her fans. Well, being the good friend that I am, I figured I’d break the news through to alleviate her worries and save her the trouble of figuring out how to let down all her fans like that.”

How will Trish address this blockbuster announcement? Find out on RAW Monday night.

The real story
By Louie Dee
September 6, 2006

Trish Stratus is retiring following Unforgiven on Sept. 17; that much has been known. What was unknown, however, is exactly what has been running through Trish’s mind about her retirement. Until now, Trish had not had a chance to address the issue to her fans for various reasons, leaving everyone wondering just why she would seemingly walk away while in the prime of her career.

When a very emotional Trish contacted on Tuesday night, she was finally able for the first time to verbalize her thoughts about her final days in the ring…and that was not an easy task at all.

Trish was unable to narrow down specific reasons for her decision to retire, instead saying that it was just time for a break.

“I’ve worked hard, and when you combine WWE and my prior fitness modeling, the last decade of my life has been lived on the road...traveling, being away from home and just working,” Trish told me. “I’ve done all of my growing up…I’ve become a woman on the road. I just felt that it was time to step back and enjoy the fruit of my labor, take time to stop and smell the roses so to speak.”

Trish’s WWE contract is set to expire soon, and she admitted that the thought of taking time off really didn’t hit her until it was time to think about signing a new one.

“It kind of just occurred to me when my contract came due; I had to stop and say wait, let me think about the rest of my life and what I want to do tomorrow,” Trish admitted. “I just decided that right now I need a little me time.”

For any athlete, the decision to retire is never an easy one. The other athletes in the locker room become almost an extension of your own family, and it’s like leaving behind a brother (or sister) hood. But for Trish, the hardest thing about leaving WWE won’t be based on what’s already happened in her career, but what lies ahead.

“The hardest part of this decision is that this is all I’ve known for the past seven years; my everyday life and everything that is my existence is going to change,” she revealed.

In recent years, Trish has branched out into other avenues; she has appeared on MadTV, and just this past summer, she hosted the Canadian Walk of Fame ceremony. And while she may have the time to pursue more of those interests, the quintessential Diva maintains that the thought of such activity has nothing to do with her retirement.

“My decision to leave was purely to take care of me time,” she said. “Those other things are fun and I enjoy the challenge, but I’m really looking forward to just getting up in the morning, having breakfast at home, enjoying a family barbecue or going to my nephew’s hockey games.”

In her career, Trish has become arguably the most heralded Diva in WWE history, and she acknowledges that she couldn’t have gotten there without her fans. But when given the open forum to say goodbye, Trish was really at a loss for words.

“I guess all I can say is thank you…it’s so crazy to me, for the last seven years the fans have grown up with me and watched me mature into what I am today. It’s kind of a unique scenario, where they were with me for every step up the mountain…”

At this point in the interview, Trish became very emotional, needing to take a moment to compose her feelings and her thoughts.

“They’ve been with me for the entire ride…”

Again, Trish had to stop, as the emotion of the moment truly overcame her. In fact, it took a little trick out of the movie Austin Powers to help her compose herself; if anything will help you laugh, it’s the thought of Austin thinking of Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day. After repeating that line to herself a few times, Trish was able to laugh and regain her composure.

“The fans have watched me develop and grow as a person and a performer, and I couldn’t have done it without their support.”

As Trish continued, she confided in me that this was in fact the first time she really had to think about saying goodbye.

“Every week, I wanted to go out and give them everything I had. I always wanted to prove myself to them…but I always also wanted to prove to my fellow Superstars that I could do what they do.”

As much as the fans have helped her become the quintessential Diva, there are other people that Trish cited as instrumental in her journey.

“Dave (Finlay)…he took me under his wing, and I guess as he would say he brought out the fighter in me. And Vince McMahon, for giving me the opportunity…”

Once again, Trish needed to pause to collect herself, as she was overwhelmed with the magnitude of the moment.

“Vince gave me the ball, and I just wanted to keep running with it. I don’t know if I even want to put that ball down now; I just want to take it with me.”

Taking a moment to look back on it all, Trish still can’t believe just how far she has come in her WWE career.

“I would’ve never imagined the success or the encounters I’ve had over the years. I always knew that I was athletic and capable; it just took someone to bring it out of me. Working with women like Jazz, Molly Holly, Victoria, Ivory and Jacquelyn…we brought something out in each other that allowed us to really redefine what a Diva is today.”

After taking another moment, Trish said that in everything she’s done in her career (good or bad), she’s taken something from it to help make her what she is today.

“Coming in as part of T&A was the perfect place for me to get in, and then working with Vince, I learned so much…having to prove to my boss literally standing right by his side in the middle of the ring that I was good enough to be in that spot...I’ve worked with The Rock, Kurt Angle, Bubba (Ray Dudley), and those are incomparable scenarios that made me who I am today. So when the day finally came to take those experiences and grow into Trish Stratus…every day when I go out there I still think about those people.”

With that, Trish was reminded of some words of wisdom she gave during her very first WWE Interview years ago:

“If I’m given two minutes, I’m going to give the best damn two minutes I’ve got.”

She has one last chance to do that at Unforgiven. In her final match, Trish will meet the one woman her career has always seemed intertwined with, Lita, for the Women’s Championship. And of course, Trish believes there’s no more fitting way to go out.

“No matter where my final match took place, it would always be special…but if this were a fairy tale, the writer couldn’t come up with a better scenario. My family, my friends…I couldn’t ask for a more perfect scenario. To survive and prosper in this industry, all the sacrifices, you have to have the support of the people closest to you, and to go out in front of the people who always supported me is fitting for the moment.”

It’s also fitting that her final opponent will be Lita. Both Divas made their WWE debut around the same time, and since their first encounter in 2000 they’ve had a roller coaster relationship. Lita has undoubtedly been Trish’s most heated rivalry, and it’s arguably one of the most intense we’ve seen in the last few years.

“Our careers have paralleled since we came in…going out, there wouldn’t be another ass I’d like to whoop as much as I’d like to whoop her ass at Unforgiven. She and I in the ring standing face to face just tells the story, and so much more will unfold at Unforgiven. It would be my honor to go out by whooping her ass one more time.”

And if that does happen, Trish will extend her record by becoming a seven-time Women’s Champion. For the quintessential Diva, that would be the icing on the cake, and it’s a thought that choked her up instantly.

“Like I said, you couldn’t write a better fairy tale ending. It would be a dream to go out on top, so I hope it comes true. After all I’ve done…the beginning of everything that I am today was when I won the Women’s Championship for the first time at Survivor Series 2001. I began to grow when I won it the first time, and to go out as champion again, it would be like coming full circle.”

As far as a legacy goes, Trish believes that her fans watching her evolution into the Trish Stratus of today is more of a legacy than any one moment.

“My journey to where I am today has been a great one, and I can’t think of a more unique scenario where the fans have seen all my efforts and progress…my evolution as a Diva.”

In the movie A League of Their Own, there is a scene near the end where Lori Petty’s character (Kit) is trying to convince Geena Davis’ character (Dottie) not to walk away from baseball. Kit tells Dottie that she’ll miss it too much, to which Dottie replies:

“Miss what? Catching doubleheaders in 100 degree heat? Pushing the bus through the mud? Having batter hit line drives at me? No, I’ll tell you what I’ll miss. I’ll miss the fans. I’ll miss the girls. I’ll miss you, Kit.”

The above paragraph could easily sum up the life of a sports-entertainer. When it’s time to walk away, it’s a tough moment. Trish Stratus may never miss the bumps and bruises, the long hours of traveling and the injuries that come with the territory of being a WWE Superstar. But the fans, the friends she’s made a long the way…those are the true blessings.

In sports and entertainment in general, the word “retirement” is very rarely ever final. Players return from injury or hiatus, Hall of Famers come back for “one more match” and actors will always find that one last role. So with that said, Trish made it clear that while she is retiring right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean WWE has seen the last of the six-time Women’s Champion.

“My career has been buoyed by the support of the fans…so whenever the fans feel like they need some more Stratusfaction, all they have to do is let me know. It’s just like the Bat signal…let me know, and I’ll be there.”


Divas dish on Trish
By Steven Schiff
September 6, 2006

The recent news that Trish Stratus will retire on September 17 following Unforgiven sent shockwaves resonating throughout arenas and television sets across the nation, surprising even Trish herself as Lita broke the story on before the six-time Women’s’ Champion could make the announcement herself. Trish will get one last chance at the Women’s Championship when she challenges Lita at Unforgiven, and while Lita is determined to rain on Trish’s hometown retirement party, most everyone else will be sad to see Trish go.

The announcement caught some of the Divas by surprise. Candice told that she was shocked to hear the announcement that Trish was hanging up the boots after such a long run of consistent success in WWE.

“I was really surprised. She’s at the top of her game, and I guess she’s just leaving on a good note. In her mind, it’s her time to retire, and I’m just happy for her.”

Candice’s fellow Divas experienced a marked sadness over the departure of the WWE women’s icon. Last year’s Diva Search winner, Ashley, told that she looked at Trish as a mentor.

“I was really upset when I found out Trish is retiring. She has obviously been a very good friend to me. She was the first one to take me under her wing, she was my first tag partner, she taught me a lot and I was really upset when I found out. I’m not gonna lie, I really felt it,” a choked-up Ashley remarked.

Mickie James, who rose to prominence as a Diva by attempting to emulate all things Trish Stratus, was also especially upset to learn about her idol’s retirement.

“When [Trish] started on WWE, I was actually starting on the independent level, so watching her grow as a performer at the same time as I was doing it in a much smaller league was really cool. Just to see how far she had come in all that time, it was truly amazing,” she said.

Mickie went on to have more than a few battles with Trish, which only served to increase her admiration.

“I think that she is a wonderful athlete and competitor and she is truly someone to be admired for the women in this business. I’m going to miss her dearly,” Mickie remarked.

Candice shared similar sentiments.

“I’m just glad to have had the opportunity to work with her and get a chance to touch Trish in the ring,” the Diva said.

While Mickie and Candice spent many hours training and grappling with Trish in the ring, Melina’s sadness over Trish’s retirement stems from the fact that she was not able to work with Trish in the same way during her still young WWE career.

“It makes me really sad that I do not have the chance to be able to work with her the way other people have. For me, she represents so much, and to be able to work with her and to be around her, that means a lot to me because of how I feel about this business and how I feel about her personally. She’s a great person and I really wish she was able to stick around just a little bit longer,” Melina said.

Whether they experienced shock, anger or sadness upon hearing the news of Trish’s upcoming retirement, the common denominators in all of the Divas’ reflections on Trish Stratus were respect and admiration. Not a single Diva let her interview end without fondly remembering how Trish had taught her the intricacies of the WWE lifestyle and helped her grow into the Superstar Diva she has or hopes to become.

Said Ashley, “I don’t think I would be where I am right now or where I got to on RAW if it wasn’t for her. [Trish is] the pinnacle of what I think all of us want to do in this business, and that’s work hard, get to the top.”

Candice agreed, and reminisced over the lessons she has learned from Trish.

“She’s been so caring and taken me in. Explaining things to me, how so many things work – how to put on three bras and top-stick. I never listened to that, of course, but at least she taught me how to do it!”

There may not be a more respected individual in WWE than Trish Stratus, a sentiment summed up perfectly by her long-time friend and rival, Mickie James.

“It’s going to be sad to see her go, but if this is what she wants, then I respect that.”

A RAW farewell
By Brett Hoffman
September 10, 2006

On September 17, Trish Stratus will return home to Toronto, Canada, for RAW’s Unforgiven pay-per-view, and her final WWE match. On that day, she will challenge her long-time rival Lita for the WWE Women’s Championship. But before she makes her final stop at Unforgiven, Trish will return to the home of WWE, Madison Square Garden, to face Mickie James and to bid farewell to Monday Night RAW.

Trish’s rivalry with Lita over the years will certainly help to define her incredible legacy, but the saga between the WWE’s quintessential Diva and relative newcomer Mickie James will undoubtedly be remembered as the most bizarre, and perhaps the most competitive chapter of Trish’s storied career.

It all started in October of last year when an energetic and newly-signed Mickie James made a memorable RAW debut when she stormed the ring and saved her “idol” Trish Stratus from a post-match beating at the hands of fellow Diva Victoria. In the coming weeks, however, we learned that Trish was not just Mickie’s “idol”, but also the subject of a demented obsession.

In the months that followed, Mickie was exposed as less of a fan, and more of a stalker to the beloved RAW Diva. WWE cameras showed Mickie and Trish in a series of awkward moments. Who could forget when Mickie stole Trish’s towel outside of the locker room shower? Or, how about the shocking mistletoe kiss the day after Christmas? And of course, the disturbing homemade shrine that Mickie revealed shortly before WrestleMania 22? The above mentioned were just a few of Mickie’s bizarre antics, and were more than enough to drive an ordinary Diva into an extended exile. Trish, however, handled herself with the professionalism of a true WWE Diva, and preferred to settle their differences in the ring.

Their showdown over the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 22 was one of the most memorable women’s matches in WWE history. Unfortunately for Trish, that Sunday night in Chicago ended with her shoulders on the mat, and the eccentric celebration of the Diva newcomer over her seizure of the Women’s gold.

Looking back, WrestleMania 22 was a symbolic changing of the guard in the WWE Diva landscape. The steady stalwart, leader and champion of the Diva class; Trish Stratus - passing the torch to what may be the future of the Diva division, Mickie James.

Since that day, things have cooled off between Trish and Mickie and the two have continued their relationship in the form of a mild rivalry and even a loose friendship. When Mickie found out that Trish was retiring, she expressed her admiration of the legendary Diva to

“I think Trish has been a wonderful performer and competitor here in WWE,” said the emotional Diva. “She is truly someone to be admired by the women in this business, and I’m going to miss her dearly.”

On Monday night, Trish will leave RAW with one last memory, and maybe one more victory when she faces her young rival at the Garden. What will happen when Trish and Mickie lock it up one last time? Which Diva will leave the Garden with her hand raised? Watch RAW on Monday, live at 9/8 CT and only on USA to find out.

Coming full circle
By Steven Schiff
September 16, 2006

The last time the World Series was in Toronto, the hometown Blue Jays gave the Canadian fans a moment they would never forget. With Toronto ahead 3 games to 2 in the series but behind 6-5 in the game, Joe Carter strode to the plate in the bottom of the 9th inning and crushed a two-strike pitch just over the left field fence, giving the Blue Jays an 8-5 victory and their second consecutive World Series crown in about the most dramatic fashion north of Broadway.

Toronto fans haven’t had much to cheer about since then, but when Unforgiven rolls into town on Sunday, the WWE faithful will be looking to another hometown favorite to provide some world class heroics as Trish Stratus strides to the ring in the bottom of the 9th inning of her storied career. Sunday’s pay-per-view will be Trish’s last match, and if she defeats WWE Women’s Champion Lita, she will retire with a record seventh Women’s Championship.

“They say that seven is a lucky number,” Trish kidded.

Current Women’s Champion Lita is not quite as amused. She wants to remind everyone what another Toronto local – her Rated R partner in crime Edge – did to John Cena in his hometown at SummerSlam by defeating Trish in her hometown at Unforgiven.

“I know that she’s gonna be on her A-game and be there to impress all her fans for the last time, so I better bring it as well – and I’m ready to,” Lita assured

Trish and Lita have had as bitter a rivalry as any in WWE throughout Trish’s decorated tenure as a WWE Diva. The two have clashed many times, and it is only fitting that Trish’s final match will come against the same opponent that she faced in her first. For Trish, her hometown retirement party at Unforgiven is as much about looking back as it is about moving on.

“I think back to the time when I really got rolling – when the Women’s Championship was brought back in 2001 and I became champion for the first time – and it seems like it would just be coming full circle if I was to go out with it,” Trish reflected.

The fact that the match will occur in Trish’s hometown adds an extra special intangible, as every single WWE fan in attendance will likely be pulling for Toronto’s favorite daughter. Lita told that she expects the fans to be on her side, and that their unwavering support for Trish will not throw her off her game.

“I know that’s how it’s gonna be, and that’s fine. Go for it,” she dared the WWE fans.

Trish won’t have to worry about going up against those fans, but she is still worried about how they will react. Trish has built her reputation on giving everything she has for the fans that have showed her so much adoration, and Sunday’s pay-per-view is still about them for the six-time Women’s Champion.

As always, for Trish, the most important thing about Sunday’s match is “Leaving my fans Stratus-fied.”

Trish bows out on top
By Steven Schiff
September 17, 2006

Before a vociferously partisan crowd and amidst chants of “Thank you Trish!” six-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus made it lucky number seven by defeating Lita in front of 16,105 of her hometown supporters in Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. Trish paid homage to another classic Canadian Superstar by applying the Sharpshooter, forcing Lita to tap out and hand over the Women’s Championship to the woman who has been the penultimate WWE Diva for the past seven years.

It was clearly a moving night for Trish, who had been riding a wave of emotion since news broke on that she would be retiring after Unforgiven. It was not Trish, however, but her long-time rival Lita, who made the announcement, frustrating the most decorated Diva in WWE history. It was only appropriate that Trish’s final match would come against Lita, the Diva with whom she has waged more than a few all-out grudge matches and the woman she faced in her WWE debut. Lita could not have wanted anything more than to taint Trish’s legacy by defeating her on her home turf in her final match, but Trish made sure that she ended the intensely personal rivalry the same way she has conducted herself throughout her storied career: on her terms and no one else’s.

As Trish made her way to the ring, it was clear that her emotions were swirling as she took her time at the top of the stage to give a long, pensive look around the arena. She appeared to be soaking in the rush of a WWE entrance one last time, wishing she could acknowledge each and every one of the WWE fans in the sold-out Air Canada Centre.

She would get her chance to do so at the conclusion of what was, not surprisingly, an intensely physical contest between two bitter rivals. After nearly scoring several pin-falls, Trish was finally able to corner Lita and lock in the Sharpshooter, lifting the impassioned crowd to its feet as they raucously cheered their hometown hero.

Once Lita submitted, the torrent of emotion gave way to relieved triumph, as the capacity crowd saluted Trish with a standing ovation. Announcers Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler joined in the celebration, as did a bleary-eyed Lilian Garcia, while Trish held the Women’s Championship high above her head for the seventh and final time. Then, in the classy fashion WWE fans have come to know and revere from their favorite Diva, Trish took a bow and blew a kiss to the still frenzied crowd, as her emotional roller coaster finally eased back into the station.

Trish got her storybook ending, but it is a curious ending for the Women’s Championship because – for the first time in WWE history – a Champion is retiring with the gold. Will Trish relinquish her championship? If so, who will take over? Certainly Trish would not turn it back over to previous champ Lita, her most bitter rival. Will the Women’s Championship simply be retired along with its greatest ambassador? The world will be looking to RAW tomorrow night for answers. For now, Trish can celebrate a well-fought match, a well-deserved Women’s Championship and a magical seven-year ride in WWE that will not soon be forgotten.

Significant Diva on Diva action
By Jen Hunt
September 26, 2006

At Unforgiven, Trish Stratus won her record-setting seventh Women’s Championship. It was her last match before retirement, and while it cemented her place in Women’s wrestling history, it also left the championship vacant.

An 8-Diva tournament began Monday on RAW to crown the next Women’s Champion, and the RAW Divas all shared their thoughts on what the revered award means to them.

Besides Trish, such legends as Sheri Martel, Wendy Richter and Fabulous Moolah have all held the Women’s Championship. For many of the Divas, to be held in the same esteem as these women is what being champion is all about.

“All of the top women in the WWE have held the Women’s Championship,” explained one former champion, Mickie James. “I think it’s prestigious and honorable to be the Women’s Champion. I was really honored to hold it when I first won it from Trish at WrestleMania 22 (before losing it to Lita). It’s a huge honor to be crowned Women’s Champion and it is an honor I look forward to having again.”

Lita, a three-time champion who lost the gold to Trish at Unforgiven, agreed.

“I think that the championship means a lot not only for its historical value; within the last five years or so, there have been more women on the roster in WWE than ever before, so there’s more competition,” she said. “I think a tournament is a great opportunity for the Divas to showcase their talent and to see competition that sometimes gets lost in the entertainment that the Divas also provide to the show.”

“It’s a big deal,” Melina confessed. “Men have more than one championship, but for women, there’s just one for all of us and it means a lot. It represents the cream of the crop, the top of all the Divas.”

All of the Divas share a respect for the Women’s Championship that transcends their own desire to be champ.

“I’m just starting; I think it’s just the very beginning for me, so there is no comparison between me and those legends,” said a sincere Maria. “I’m going to fight tooth and nail. In the end, if I don’t wind up as champion, I just hope that someone who really and truly deserves it does get it.”

During Trish’s many reigns, it was always important to her that the Women’s Championship represented women’s empowerment. Her example has left an impression, as all of the RAW Divas listed qualities of a Women’s Champion that were in line with Trish’s vision.

“The championship embodies a woman who is strong, independent and all the things that I aspire to be,” beamed Torrie Wilson. “Like the other Divas, I’m a strong and independent woman who isn’t afraid to show my athletic ability and isn’t some weak little girl that’s going to go cry in the corner.”

Another thing the Divas all felt strongly about was that part of being the Women’s Champion was being a role model for other girls and women.

“I think that I show women that they can be everything they want,” boasted Victoria. “They can be tough and strong and sexy because I am all of those things. Plus I have a college background, so I am not just some muscle head.”

Candice Michelle thinks she has an equally personal message to bring to the WWE fans. Not coming from a strong wrestling background, Candice has been training hard since joining WWE to make up for lost time.

“I want to show people that if you believe in something and you have the dedication and you go after your dreams, anything can happen,” said Candice. “If you don’t go after your dreams somebody else will, so you just have to go for it, otherwise it will never happen.”

Monday night marked the beginning of the women’s tournament. It seems like a fitting way to crown the new champ after Trish’s legendary career, by highlighting eight talented, strong, confident, beautiful, competitive women doing what they love best. All the Divas are aware of the large shoes to fill as Women’s Champion, but all are looking forward to the potential challenge.

Trish Stratus is Armed & Famous
By Kara A. Medalis
January 10, 2007

Former WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus can now add police officer and reality TV star to her already impressive resume. She is one of five celebrities who have trained to become sworn police officers with the Muncie, Ind., Police Department for the new reality show, Armed & Famous.

Stratus joins television star Erik Estrada, singer and author La Toya Jackson, movie star and professional skateboarder Jason “Wee Man” Acuña and television personality Jack Osbourne for the series, which begins tonight at 8/7 CT on CBS.

“I love challenges. I think the WWE fans know I thrive on challenges. So to me this was like coming into a whole new world,” Stratus told

The former Diva has been in Muncie for more than a month, but yesterday was her final day of filming Armed & Famous. The opportunity to be on the show came as a total surprise to her following her recent retirement from WWE.

“I just got married after I retired and Ron – my husband – and I were settling into our new life. We moved into a new house and we were getting settled. Then I get this call and CBS was like, ‘We need you in a week,’ and I looked at my husband like, ‘Honey?’ And he was like, ‘Oh my God. Go kick ass. Go do it.’ ”

When she first arrived in Indiana with the four other celebrities, they had to prepare to become police officers. They underwent firearms training, learned defensive tactics and they took physical tests. They also had to be educated about laws and police codes.

“We had a physical testing part where we had to run a mile and a half in a certain time. We had to do a certain amount of push ups and a certain amount of sit ups,” Stratus explained.

“That was probably my shining moment. That and defensive tactics, which I kicked ass at,” she laughed. “That’s where my wrestling background kicked in, which is awesome.”

Stratus admitted she was nervous the first few times she hit the streets with a veteran police officer.

“I kept thinking, ‘What are my lines? What do I say when I pull someone over?’ But it all comes naturally,” she said with confidence. “By the end of the shoot, I feel like a well-rounded police officer who knows exactly what to do in the field.”

Stratus estimated she arrested two to three people a night for 30 days. Her first call involved a house fire, which was an emotional experience. It’s there she quickly learned police officers play many roles.

“I had to be kind of like a grief counselor and talk to the kids about how Christmas was around the corner, but they’ve just lost their house. The husband and the wife were crying on my shoulder,” she continued. “It’s something I didn’t even expect. It’s an eye-opening experience, and it’s been a blast.”

Some of the calls wind up comical, though, Stratus explained. Once she pulled over a driver who jumped the curb because he wasn’t paying attention to the road – he was paying attention to Stratus.

“I kind of caused a traffic violation,” she joked. “He was like, ‘Dude, that’s Trish Stratus right there!’"

“For some reason the drunken criminals, all the public intoxication I’ve taken in, they all happen to fall in love with me,” Stratus admitted. “It’s very interesting. I’m not used to men falling in love with me while I’m taking them to jail!”

Stratus has also been put in a few dangerous situations while on the Muncie force. Once, she and her partner caught a burglary in progress and had to sneak up on the prowler.

“My partner and I took him down, handcuffed him and took him in. He was very aggressive. He called me ‘Bleep bleep bleep bleep wrestling bitch!’ ” she exclaimed.

“It got me totally riled up and you have to learn you can’t respond back with trash talking. Those skills I had to really tuck in deep.”

Stratus also revealed she took part in a prostitution sting.

“I won’t give anything away, except that these prostitutes don’t look like the ones you see on TV. These are a whole other kind of…” she trailed off. “They had to dirty me up, basically. So when you see the headline that Trish is dressed up like a hooker, don’t get too excited, WWE fans!”

Through it all though, she never had to resort to using Stratusfaction while a police officer.

“I think I’ve left a lot of citizens of Muncie and a lot of criminals of Muncie Stratusfied, but I’ve never had to actually deliver Stratusfaction, if you know what I mean,” she smiled.

As for the other celebrities on Armed & Famous, Stratus has formed bonds with each one.

“I think Wee Man would be a hit in WWE for sure,” she said. “Jack’s a fan. He came to a couple of WWE shows in Los Angeles.

“When I met La Toya, she had no idea who I was. She kept telling me she expected a gigantic woman to come and bully with her, but she said I was so little and sweet. Her dad is a huge fan,” she revealed.

“Erik is just awesome. He played a police officer on TV for so many years and now he gets to do it in real life. He’s kind of become our ‘motherly hen’ of the show. We look at him like, ‘Thanks, Uncle Erik!’ ” Stratus laughed.

“It kind of reminded me of the same kind of bond and camaraderie you feel at WWE. I’ve felt that with the other celebrities and the police officers,” she said.

Stratus is a little sad to admit her fans might be a bit disappointed in her police officer uniform.

“You can see my hands and my head, but that’s about it!” she laughed.

Although when she stopped by a WWE live event this past weekend, some WWE Superstars and crew were shocked to see her in uniform.

“They were like, ‘What is this, like a striptease?’” she joked.

Finally, Stratus just wanted to thank all the WWE fans for their support throughout the years. While in Indiana, she also stopped by a local wrestling show with her partner and was able to jump in the ring, which brought back memories.

“It really reminded me how much I love being in the ring and in front of the fans, so I do miss it. I miss my fans,” she admitted.

Stratus also wants to clarify that she didn’t leave sports-entertainment to become an actress. She just couldn’t pass up an opportunity like Armed & Famous.

“I hope WWE fans will support me and check out Armed & Famous,” she said.

“I play me in the show. That’s what I do. That’s what I’ve done my whole life. It’s just me being me.”

Stratus handicaps Unforgiven Women’s Title match
By Corey Clayton
September 14, 2007

Candice Michelle is facing an uphill battle to defend her Women’s Championship against the Glamazon Beth Phoenix this Sunday at Unforgiven. Trish Stratus can relate.

In front of a sell-out crowd in her hometown of Toronto, the former Women’s Champion had an emotional standing-ovation send off at last year’s Unforgiven. She secured the title for a seventh time in her final match, defeating Lita.

Facing foes of all sizes during her six-year career, Stratus told in a phone interview that she sees a little bit of herself in Candice, who has followed the championship blueprint for success Stratus laid out earlier this decade.

Both Divas had backgrounds in fitness modeling before their WWE debuts. Stratus worked as a model in Toronto, appearing in numerous magazines before coming to WWE in 2000. Also a fitness model, Candice was discovered by WWE in auditions for the first Diva Search competition, and made her WWE debut in 2004.

After arriving in WWE, both worked countless hours to train and craft their own unique arsenal of moves in the ring, seeking to transform from pretty face to powerhouse, then eventually Women’s Champion.

Stratus said she believes that it’s a testament to the training and discipline that Divas-turned-champions go through before reaching the top, and the hard work they go through to prove they’re much more than just glamour and glitz.

“It gives me hope. The word ‘Diva,’ I like to think, it embodies the whole package. If you look at [the Divas’] athletic backgrounds, we all come from fitness modeling, and training and working out with weights,” Stratus explained. “I think that’s what makes the difference. Having that athletic background makes for successful women [Superstars.]”

The magic-wand-waving Candice that Trish tangled with two years ago at Unforgiven has matured for the better, the former champ said.

“The Candice I see now has changed a lot, she has more confidence and obviously more experience now,” Stratus said. “She's a lot nicer too, it seems … probably because she stopped hanging out with the vicious Victoria.”

Looking at the beauties’ battle brewing this Sunday in Memphis, Tenn., the Diva of the Decade award-winner believes Candice can topple the Glamazon if she stays focused.

“Candice has to bring her “A” game,” Stratus warned. “She needs to keep doing what she’s been doing … just keep her energies up and watch out.”

Though Divas rarely discuss their weight – they are ladies, after all – Candice seems to be at a 25-pound disadvantage to the larger, stronger Glamazon. Stratus warned that the current champion needs to be on her toes against the stronger, determined opponent.

“When [Phoenix] came onto the scene, you sort of sat up and watched. She’s gorgeous, she’s strong, she’s powerful and she’s coming here to make a statement,” the former champion observed. “I would watch Beth Phoenix, because she’s really hungry right now. Beth’s been wanting [this title opportunity] for a long time, to come in and prove that she’s here to rock the house.”

We’ll all find out Sunday if Candice can continue to reign as champion, or if Phoenix will rise to the pinnacle of the Diva division live on pay-per-view this Sunday.

Trish Stratus: One year later

Leaning on the deck rail of an Alaskan cruise liner watching melting glaciers fall into Alaska’s Disenchantment Bay, Trish Stratus’ mind was far from the bumps and bruises of the WWE ring.

Instead of watching fellow Superstars collide on Raw as she celebrated her one-year anniversary of her last WWE match, she saw forces of nature collide as parts of the six-mile long face of the Hubbard Glacier melted into the bay. The cruise with her husband was the first real vacation the two had shared since their wedding nearly a year ago.

“It was really cool,” Stratus told in a phone interview from her Richmond Hill, Ontario home. “We went whale-watching, did some fishing … a lot of stuff I never got to do before."

Watching nature at its most powerful was a fitting, relaxing way to end a whirlwind year outside the ring for the Diva of the Decade, who's been keeping busy since her departure from WWE.

Sept. 17 marked one year since she laced up her boots for the last time in Toronto at Unforgiven. She defeated Lita to win her record-setting seventh Women’s Championship, earning an emotional standing ovation from her hometown crowd.

She walked away a champion in the minds of many, the greatest Women's Champion of all time.

Wedding Bells

But days after her emotion-filled final match, she walked down the aisle of a different kind. She married her high-school sweetheart Ron.

"Me and Ron celebrated 15 years together in August ... we've been together forever," Stratus said. "He's the most supportive guy and he's the reason why I stuck with the business for that long. He kept my head up, kept me grounded. He's who I'd come home to and take the trash out every week ... Even if I was wearing the title, I still needed to take the trash out."

The wedding was covered by the entertainment media in Canada, showing pictures of Trish in her gorgeous dress. But just as the pair planned a move into to their new Toronto-area home and a romantic honeymoon to follow, their plans were delayed by a call from Hollywood.

Packing heat

Months earlier, Paul Heyman had mentioned Stratus' name to CBS for a possible TV series about celebrity police officers. The project got the green light from the network, and Trish was called to rush to Muncie, Ind. to start training.

Armed & Famous featured Stratus and four other celebrities as real-life police officers in the college town of Muncie, Ind. home of Ball State University.

"I love tackling new challenges. We went into two weeks of intense training," Stratus recalled. "We did everything that real police officer training would consist of. We were sworn in, got badges, got guns, got uniformed up and went on this crazy schedule."

Working a 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. shift daily was stressful enough. But throw in producer interviews and recording taped segments, and the reality show became downright tiring.

"It was a crazy grind we were all on. It was funny because everyone was burnt out. I was the only one who sucked it up and wasn't getting sick and run down," Stratus explained. "You see, the WWE schedule did something good for me. After doing [WWE's] schedule, this was nothing."

Handling everything from prostitution, domestic disputes and robbery calls, Stratus comforted and consoled house fire victims, as well as trading verbal barbs with mouthy criminals. But Trish itched for something more physical and action-packed to happen. She finally got to chase down a suspect near the end of the series.

"I show up at the house. There's a guy standing outside the house with a hammer. He sees me, drops the hammer and starts running," Trish recalled. She tackled the man after chasing him several blocks.

Regrettably, Stratus' suspect smackdown never made it to air Armed & Famous was canceled after just four episodes.

"Every time I arrested someone, they'd be like, 'Damn, I can't believe I got arrested by Trish Stratus.' Like they were proud of that. Man, that's awful," Stratus recalled with a smile.

Second City taps Trish

After Trish turned in her badge in Muncie, she received a call from television producers working with the famed comedy troupe, The Second City.

Stratus had done improv work with the troupe in 2004 while rehabbing a broken thumb, and performed in a show at their Toronto theater.

With performances on Fox's Mad TV and the Montreal Just For Laughs festival also on her resume, producers wanted her to host a series for CBC about Second City's national talent search for Second City's Next Comedy Legend.

Airing over the summer, the new series gave Trish a showcase for her comedic skills, interacting with contestants in a sassy, sarcastic, off-the-cuff way that kept both contestants and judges on their toes.

"They really didn't know what they were going to get from me," Stratus said. "If you just know Trish the wrestler, you really don't know what she's about."  Watch the video...

The series helped open new doors for the seven-time Women's Champion, as she's now talking to CBC about future projects. Also in the past year, Trish has appeared as co-host of Entertainment Tonight Canada, a presenter at the National Hockey League Awards Gala and has done numerous signings and charity appearances to keep busy.

But the one thing she enjoys most is watching the fruits of her work surrounded by her husband, friends and family enjoying the time at home to the fullest.

"Every Tuesday, everyone comes home and we watch my show together, which is nice because I never got to watch my own wrestling with my friends and family before because I was on it, it was live," Stratus said.

"I can't believe I've been away from wrestling for a year, it's pretty crazy"

Will Trish ever return to WWE to try at an eighth Women's Title reign?  She discusses a possible comeback and future plans in Part 3 of her interview with, coming soon.

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