Hey guys, check out this new wrestling book.

Thanks to all of you that cheered me on to victory at the Fulfill Your Fantasies Battle Royale for the WWE Women's Championship at Taboo Tuesday in Milwaukee. As always, my fans make me so proud. Then again, did you doubt that I'd kick those Diva's butts??!

Beyond the Book Logo Image I have some exciting news to share with you all. My good friend Dave Meltzer, who used to guest host The LAW (Live Audio Wrestling) with me, just released a new book Tributes II - Remembering More of the World's Greatest Professional Wrestlers. If you picked up his first book, then you already know how amazing and detailed his work is.

Dave has also included a free, bonus "shoot" interview DVD that will be packaged with every copy of the book.

Trust me, pick up a copy of the book and I can gaurantee 100% Stratusfaction. In the book, Dave focuses on sports entertainment's most recent and high-profile losses, including Road Warrior Hawk, Curt Hennig, Elizabeth, Stu Hart, Tim Woods, Davey Boy Smith, Gorilla Monsoon, Terry Gordy, Wahoo McDaniel, Johnny Valentine, The Sheik, Freddie Blassie, and Lou Thesz.

Tributes II: Remembering More of the World's Greatest Wrestlers also offers expanded versions of some of the most popular profiles from Tributes, including Owen Hart, and Andre the Giant.

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Thanks so much guys!

Trish xox