My Guest Appearance on MADtv

Hey everyone, I wanted to remind everyone about my guest appearance on
MADtv this Saturday – it’s one of the most exciting projects I’ve done outside of the WWE, especially because I’m such a huge fan of the show!

This week I join Mo, Debra and Stephanie in the latest installment of the popular KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA sketches. I play “Paris” – a KAPPA sister returning from a plastic surgery vacation. The character was a stretch from my personality - she is your stereotypical blond, ditzy, frat brat, and she was a lot of fun to play, especially bouncing off the other girls’ characters.

When I first heard I was asked to be on the show I was so excited because as a huge fan of the show, I’m also a huge fan of all their characters and I do a hell of impression of some of their characters like Stuart and Dot. The sorority girls sketch I think was offered to me as a safe bet – y’know “hey, we have this blond, wrestler girl, what do you think she can do…?”. But once I got on set, the producers got a chance to know me (and meet my quirky personality!) and when the writers saw me do the impressions – they asked me back for next season so we could do some more fun stuff! So, maybe next time you see Stuart, he’ll have a cousin named Trish!

So, be sure to watch this Saturday night (11/10 CT on FOX) and let me know if MADtv left you “Stratusfied”! I’ll be updating the comment board with MADtv feedback that following week.

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