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Friday, March 19, 2004

Celebrating the 4 Years of Stratusfaction Headlines

Thanks for reading the Stratusfaction 411 Newsletter. This week we look back at Trish's history from the last year as we  celebrate 4 Years of Stratusfaction.

An Important Day

Many of you will remember that this time 1 year ago we were celebrating 3 years of Stratusfaction. Well now it's time to celebrate the 4th year of Stratusfaction with a very special tribute to the lady that makes it all possible, Trish Stratus.

Last year, Stratusfaction411's first year, we reviewed the first three years of Stratusfaction. At that time, Trish was kind enough to recognize the hard work of Sf411 by offering us our first link on her site. Click Here To See Article

But this year is a whole new year, perhaps Trish's greatest year ever and we certainly can't pass up a chance to renew such a memorable moment.

Where We Left Off...

About a year ago we sat on the edge of our seats watching Trish take on Victoria in the brutal and memorable Chicago Street Fight, a match would be later remember as one of the best matches of 2003 on the Best of Raw.

Not only has Trish appeared on several magazine covers, but she has had a second MadTV appearance and once again stood out amongst all the WWE Divas winning Babe of the Year for a third time in a row.

But that's just a small piece of how our 4th year. The fourth year of Stratusfaction started off at Wrestlemania XIX where Trish faced off against both Victoria and Jazz in a triple-threat for the Women's title. In one of her most memorable moments, Trish claimed gold for the fourth time, becoming the second woman in WWE history to claim the Women's Championship Belt.

Trish's budding romance with Jeff Hardy continued for a short time till Jeff and the WWE parted ways once again leaving Trish alone to fair with Victoria and Steven Richards again.

Trish's success and fame continued, doing a Joe Millionaire spoof commercial for the April Pay-Per-View, Backlash. At Backlash Trish would lose her title to Jazz after being forced into the match, injured when abused. Jazz, who'd given up winning the title fairly, won when the ref was distracted and began a long cheating streak that would ultimately lead to one faithful night where Linda McMahon would return to Raw and save Trish for a deal with the devil.

Vince McMahon had given control of Raw to Eric Bischoff. Bischoff continued his rein of terror unchecked until Linda McMahon and the board stepped in. Trish went to Eric and demanded a title shot. Eric agree if she could beat him in a match, if she lost, she'd have to spent the night with him. Trish agreed, but she did not expect to be amused by Jazz and Victoria during the match which would cost her the win and her freedom. Lucky for Trish, Linda had been watching, specifically watching Eric's action which Lita, and made that night her night to bring Stone Cold in as Co-GM of Raw.

Trish would continue her brave fight for the title and be drawn into the abusive relationship between Stacy and Test. Test might have even hurt Trish if not for that actions of Kevin Nash. Trish would join force with Nash and Steiner to defeat Victoria, Steven Richards, and Test helping Stacy move that much closer to her temporary freedom.

The victory would be short lived though as another Canadian beauty was about to make her grand entrance. Gail Kim was about to debut and win the title in her first match, the first Divas Battle Royal. Gail would later drop the belt and be force into an alliance with Molly. This would not stop Trish though, she suffered at the hands of the vicious pair and almost suffer a career ending attack save for the return of an old friend, Lita!

It was during this time that Trish was as busy behind the scenes as she was in the ring. She was working hard on her first DVD, 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed. Fans eagerly awaited such a project and finally we'd get it, and Trish would make sure we get it right when she took creative control as the project's Producer. This DVD summarized her career as well as featured the 10 Most Stratusfying Moments selected by the fans.

Then, in early October, Trish would take charge of her career again and begin working with Chris Jericho on a five month storyline that would bring Trish fans to the edge of their seat and come to an explosive, shocking conclusion at Wrestlemania XX. Jericho began to romance the lonely Diva. Coming to her aid when Steven Richards and Victoria attack Trish after a 6 woman tag, Jericho would leave Trish confused and unsure.

After a month of flirtations and assists, Trish and Jericho would share their first kiss together backstage. Many of us believed that Jericho was up to something and we were right. Jericho had made a bet with Christian, a beat that Trish would find out about and would never forgive.

There is no doubt that Jericho now regrets that bet. He'd won the heart of the Canadian Beauty and had everything going for him. But because of the bet and through the efforts of both Eric Bischoff and Christian, Jericho was never able to make things right with Trish.

Jericho and Christian would finally come to blows which would lead right to Wrestlemania XX. On that night, Trish would abandon her good girl image and embrace the dark emotions and need for vengeance stirred by Jericho's actions. How long Trish had planned it with Christian or whether Christian is just a pawn in Trish's plot for revenge we do not no. Trish would betray Jericho at Wrestlemania XX, helping Christian win and then slapping the taste from Jericho's mouth. The next night on Raw she would celebrate with Christian in the ring leaving us all wondering...

Is the Era of 100% Stratusfaction over?

More Unanswered Question

Though we wonder if it's all over now, one has to ask if Trish will ever come to her sense and realize what she's done. Realize, like Jericho, that she'd made a horrible mistake before it's too late.

We can only wait to find out. This year hold many more question those being...

After Trish's action at Wrestlemania, can she hold the hearts of the fans to win Babe of the Year once again?

Will Trish grace the cover of another Divas Magazine and capture the spot for the third year in a row?

What will happen to Trish now that Vince has announced that Lottery Drafting to "shake things up" on Raw and Smackdown?

And lastly, will we see Trish become the first woman in WWE history to hold the Women's Title five times?

These questions and more will have to be sure to be answer in the coming months, but will Trish ever be the same again when they're all answered?


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