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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Celebrating the 3 Years of Stratusfaction Headlines

Thanks for reading the Stratusfaction 411 Newsletter. This week we look back at Trish's history and celebrate 3 Years of our favorite Maple Leaf beauty.

Trish takes Heat and WWE!

Trish Stratus takes Heat by storm as she struts way with Test and Albert. She leads T&A stealing every show in heated rivalry between "her boys" and those that dare challenge them. Trish's boys never gained tag team gold but that was alright for them, they were enforcers. Major rivalry between the Hardy Boyz, the Dudleys, and Too Cool aired every night till the era of T&A came to a close. While Trish was away, scouting brighter futures, Stephanie McMahon worked on putting an end to T&A.

McMahon's B#^%!

Even with T&A, it was clear the Trish was meant to be the dominate female in the WWE. When she caught the eye of WWE's boss, Vince McMahon, she set her sites on achieving just that. Trish had Vince eating out of the palm of her hand till she openly challenged Stephanie as Daddy's Little Girl.

Losing one of the most brutal matches in Trish's career to Stephanie was no small pain until Vince's intentions toward Trish were revealed on the next raw. Vince began a campaign to humiliate Trish and succeed having her nearly strip down in the middle of the ring until he was satisfied. Trish would soon get her revenge though setting up Vince and Stephanie for the surprise of a life time when she light up Wrestlemania 17 by betraying him and winning the hearts of every WWE fan.

The Champ

Free of Vince and looking to do things the "right way" 100% Stratusfaction was born. She set her sites on becoming the woman we all know today until an accident nearly stole her light. A bone fragment had come off her heel and she was in need of surgery. She ceased the opportunity to co-host WWE's Excess, a WWE news show with the Coach.

While Trish took on the role of hostess she secretly trained in the background. Upon her return Chyna had moved on and there was no Women's Champion. Trish saw the opportunity to reveal her new moves, her new style, and true Stratusfaction coming in as the underdog for the infamous Six-Pack Challenge for the Women's Title. In the toughest battle of her career Trish walked out Women's Champion and the division would never be the same again.

Trish, the Champ, wasn't the only thing that came out of the Six-Pack Challenge at Survivor Series though. It introduced the toughest, meanest, and deadliest competitor Trish would ever face, Jazz. Trish battle Jazz and eventually lost her belt to Jazz suffering a major hand injury that would continue to haunt her even after losing in her hometown Toronto at Wrestlemania 18. This wouldn't stop Trish though, with the aid of Buba Rey Dudley, Trish put Jazz through a table, delivering sweet revenge and putting Jazz on the injury list. Trish reclaimed her belt and waited for her next challenger.

Enter Molly Holly. Though Molly had been with the WWE for a long time she'd never achieved center stage until both Jazz and Lita were gone. Molly set her sights on Trish and forced Trish to show just how good she really was. Trish fought hard, but was unable to win with Molly cheating her way to gold. Finally, at Unforgiven, Trish would regain her belt, for a short time becoming a three time Women's Champion. But two deadly rivals from Trish's pasted were taking their time waiting for a chance to strike...

Same Face, New Song

Victoria's arrival to the WWE changed everything for Trish. With 2002 rapidly coming to an end, Lita and Jazz still out, the WWE needed something new and Victoria took her chance to take revenge on Trish for holding her back.

Victoria quickly struck, taking out her jealous anger on the two time Internet Babe of the Year, three time Women's Champion. Though not as brutal as Jazz, Victoria was a powerful new enemy with a collection of moves that would rival Trish while having the intensity of Jazz.

With a new entrance music, the title, and her trademark style Trish met the challenge until losing to Victoria her. That did keep Trish down, the two women sent ripples through the WWE as hardcore matches once again return to Raw, but this time between two women. Fans would be wowed by some of the greatest performances ever and everyone would celebrate as Trish was award Diva of the Decade at the Raw 10th anniversary.

Trish didn't spend much time celebrate though, she wanted gold around her waist and the memorable Chicago Street Fight was just around the corner with danger waiting. No one will ever forgotten this match nor will they forget the brutal attack Jazz delivered to Trish when Victoria managed to pull out the victory only to watch from the top of the ramp as Jazz delivered every trademark move in her arsenal on the exhausted Trish who was all but defenseless against her. Though the attack put her off Raw, Trish is back and revealing why she is without a doubt the queen of Wrestling. She has appeared on MadTV, has a current article about the woman behind the character in Maclean's, and upcoming pieces in Flare Magazine and Ontario Golf. With the Triple threat match nearly two weeks away at the upcoming Pay-per-view, Wrestlemania XIX, only Vince knows who will claim gold.


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