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Friday, April 18, 2003

Here Comes Backlash Headlines

Welcome to the Stratusfaction 411 Newsletter.

I've had to come to a couple of decisions about the future of the Newsletter. Originally I had planned, even hoped that I'd be able to come up with enough material to do this weekly. It's not really a problem, it's putting all the material into articles worth reading. So we'll be switching to a Bi-Weekly format with maybe an extra one to cover the pay-per-views depending on which week they fall on.

Trish Continues Moving Onward

Trish has been doing quite good since her victory at Wrestlemania. In that time we saw her take on Ivory on Heat, Jazz on Raw, and a tag match with Ivory against Jazz and Victoria.

For her first title defense she took on Ivory on the premere of Sunday Night Heat on TNN. The match was as solid as anyone can expect against the veteran Ivory. She earned the respect of Ivory and possibly an ally in her after Victoria came out to interfere with their match. Trish took the win sending Victoria a clear message that she was the new Women's Champion.

When Monday night came Trish took on Jazz and beat her. The match was intense but ended in controversy. Jazz was counted out by the Ref while her foot was on the top rope. Teddy approached Jazz and took advantage of the situation by adding her to his stable. If Trish will have to face this pair or possibly trio if Rodney Mack where to get involved we're left wondering who'll be in Trish corner now that Jeff Hardy has been sent home.

And finally Trish joined forces with Ivory to take on the tag team of Jazz and Victoria. In an interesting move, the WWE continued the storyline from Sunday Night Heat of Trish, Victoria, and Ivory putting the three in with Jazz. Jazz took the win putting Trish in the STF making her tap out. In an interesting move Teddy long entered the ring and was able to subdue the vicious Jazz when it was clear she wanted to keep beating Trish.

Eyes Out For Trish

There really isn't much I can write about Trish. Most of us had a chance to see Trish's Backlash commercial during Confidential last week. It was very exciting to not only see the Behind The Scenes coverage of it but for them to then air the commercial. As I type this I just saw Trish's Backlash commercial on the SciFi channel, so keep an eye out. You know know! If you still haven't seen it head on over to the Backlash website where you can freely watch it over streaming video using Media Player.

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