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Friday, April 04, 2003

Road to Wrestlemania XIX Ending Headlines

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I hope everyone enjoyed last week's Newsletter. As everyone knows Wrestlemania was a blast, and although there were technically difficulties all across the country I didn't hear about anyone missing the Blond Bombshell taking back the gold to become the Four-Time WWE Women's Champion.

Wrestlemania XIX

Safeco Fields. 54,097 fans scream in unison as Trish is the first female superstar to make the long walk down to the ring. Wearing a dazzling silver wrestling tights custom made for Wrestlemania and a cap fans of Trish are familiar seeing her wear on her days off you can help but feel a small piece of the excitement that must be coursing through Trish’s veins. Unlike us, Trish knows she’ll be stepping out of the ring the second Four-time Women’s Champion, she knows she’ll be making history.

Things get started early by Jazz, attacking both women before the bell is rung. She shoves Victoria from the ring and immediately goes to work on Trish with a series of submission moves. Trish fights out only to lose momentum to Victoria outside the ring. After a short battle between the women outside the ring Jazz and Victoria fight for who’s going to cover Trish. As Trish works her way to her feet the women turn on Trish to double team her only to turn on each other. Trish surprises Victoria with a perfect bridge rollup and the two beauties battle it out until Trish begins to land a series of devastating blows to Victoria. Jazz stops the assault with a Powerbomb which only leads to more fighting between Victoria and Jazz. Trish gets to slam the two women’s heads together and follows up by delivering her fast elbow strikes to both women.

In an attempt to control Trish the two women try to double team her once again, only to have Jazz level Victoria with a spinning back kick that Trish ducks out of the way of. Trish and Jazz begin to battle it out until Trish delivers a Chick Kick to Jazz taking her down and uses the StratusFear on Victoria. Momentum seems to be in Trish’s favor, she kicks Victoria out of the ring and turns toward Jazz only to be locked in a half-crab followed by the STF. Trish is seconds away from tapping out until Steven Richards interferes to keep Victoria from losing the title to Jazz.

Jazz gets Trish into a Chicken Wing and then gets leveled by Victoria with a strong kick to the chin. Victoria goes for a moonsault but misses it only to throw Jazz out of the ring while Trish locks her sights on Victoria. Steven Richards comes in to deliver a chair shot only to miss a receive Stratusfaction Bulldog. This leaves Victoria alone in the ring with Trish who delivers a strong kick to Victoria’s gut to make the winning pin.

Trish leaves the ring smiling and in ears. Congratulations Trish, you did it! Make sure you tune in this weekend to see Trish’s first title defense on Sunday Night Heat on the new TNN.

Trish Classics

This week's bonus feature is a true Trish classic. Trish spent some of her time this week updating her comment board. One of the comments made was from a long time Trish fan, John Navarro. In it, he told Trish how he was in a local Sam Goody and was browsing around when he came across a cd by the name of BIG. He was thrilled when he noticed that it was Trish on the cover and wrote her to tell her.

Well as it turns out this is a real classic piece. Much Trish fans know that her very first modeling gig was for Canada's largest nightclub, The Docks. Trish graced a billboard for all to see advertising the club. It seems later on the club decided to put together a compilation cd with featuring various artists.

When we caught word of this we got in touch with John to get all the details then set out on securing our own copy of the CD. As Trish replied it is indeed a very special piece. The CD was originally published in 1997, before Trish joined the WWE. In that time, the group that published it, TJSR, has gone out of business. ROCH International is still very much alive, however they did not continue making this CD.

Seeing as how John had such luck at Sam Goody we got out the telephone book and begin calling around. Struck out, the first two times, but we can't be sure they didn't have it since the people we spoke to didn't check physical inventory. The third Sam Goody we called actually put us on hold, check physical inventory, came back and told us they had one left. It was pretty far away but after calling the other remaining stores (who also had 1 copy left) we headed to the nearest confirmed store. If you'd like to get this collector's piece we suggest everyone starts now.

We're still waiting on word from ROCH on whether or not their warehouse my have any buried from refused delivery. We'll give you the follow-up story on what they come back with in the next newsletter. In the mean time, enjoy the scans thanks to John. These are after all from Trish's earliest work!

Eyes Out For Trish

As many of you read last SF411 Trish worked on several projects during her three weeks off, last week we spoke about how Ontario Golf has elude many of us fans. This week we go into another one of those projects that only a few of Trish’s fans have been treated too.

MadTV wasn’t the only television project Trish has been working on. She did a commercial for the upcoming Backlash Pay-Per-View. Many Trish fans are already aware that it’s still not running nationwide yet. As a matter of fact, it only seems to be running in select places while the rest of us must watch the WWE hyped Goldberg’s return using old WCW footage.

I know I for one am disappointed by this decision. I remember Trish’s Summer Slam commercial and how absolutely cute it was. I remember the WWE Confidential Behind the Scenes they did for the Summer Slam commercial.

Backlash is little more then three weeks away and we’ve only had scattered reports of it being aired. With Trish being the four-time WWE Women’s Champion and more then likely having a title defense at Backlash, one has to wonder what the WWE is waiting for. Are they just going to waste the money they spent on producing the commercial and not just air it or can we hope to see it this week during Heat, Velocity, Confidential, or Bottomline? Let’s hope!

In the mean time, head on over to the Stratusfied.Com Forums to view some screen captures one lucky fan managed to grab of the commercial.

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