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Friday, March 28, 2003

Road to Wrestlemania XIX Ending Headlines

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RAW: Sacramento - 03/24/2003

WWE made it's last stop before Wrestlemania in Sacramento, California this week and it was just exciting as last week leaving fans with even more questions about Trish and Jeff then last.

Trish and Jeff joined up for an Inter-gender Tag Match Monday night against Victoria and Steven Richards. It was an exciting match that had the guys starting it off and with the women closing it up. Trish dominated Victoria for most of the match while Jeff kept Steven from coming to Victoria's aid. With a fancy Stratusfaction Bulldog, Trish pinned Victoria for the 1-2-3 count. Walking away triumphantly it appears like Trish is going to go in for a thank you kiss when Jazz comes out and stops them. Victoria runs up to mock Trish only to receive a clubbing of her own from Jazz. The bitch is definitely back.

As exciting as all this sounds this relationship between Trish and Jeff may or may not be a good thing for Trish. Trish's fans are dividing about whether or not this romance angle is good for her character, reputation, and career. It also leaves the question on how focused Trish is on becoming the four-time Women's Champion.

Trish has become the leader of the Women's Division in the last 18 months, leading the Divas into what we see today. Her critics are taking every opportunity to point out her prior angles and how this reflects the old Trish. We can only hope that they're wrong and the WWE has something special planned.

Wrestlemania XIX

Wrestlemania is only a few days away and it's looking very exciting. The possibility of a deadly feud between Trish and Jazz leading into Blacklash should be in the back of every fan's mind but who will walk away with gold?

By fans, Victoria is considered the underdog in this match-up. Ever though she has stated she will not be taking the time off for knee surgery one has to wonder if her title rein is coming to an end. Will Steven Richards help her hold onto gold or will one of her opponents take it away.

Trish is a three time Women's Champion and knows how to give a beating. Since Victoria's introduction these two women have been involved with some of the greatest matches in the Women's Division ever. If anyone ever questioned Trish's dedication to the division they deserve to be hit with a trashcan cover! But still, one has to wonder just how focused she'll be now that Jeff Hardy has caught her eye.

And then there's Jazz who wants nothing better then to get revenge on Trish for putting her on the injury list. Jazz has already shown she has no respect for Victoria but will she be prepared to face Victoria AND Trish at the same time. Jazz has been dealing some awfully hard beatings to the two women and it might just be time for Victoria and Trish to put their difference aside for a few moments in the ring to eliminate this threat.

And also, don't forget that this year's Wrestlemania will be 4 hours long! Either tune in via Pay-per-view through cable or satellite or try out WWE's new webcast for $19.99. But this is a match you DO NOT want to miss!

Eyes Out For Trish

Everyone knows that while Trish was off of Raw for three weeks instead of being at home wearing a t-shirt and pair of sweat pant, eating a bag of chips she was out working hard making sure she'd deliver Stratusfaction. She appeared on MadTv and did photo shoots and interviews to grace the pages of Maclean's, Flare Magazine, and Ontario Golf as well as the 2002 Diva of the Decade photos!

While we've all be anxiously awaiting the 2002 Diva pictures Trish's MadTv episode has aired and the issue of Maclean's featuring Trish has come and gone. We know that Flare Magazine is due out in July and of the recent announcement of Trish getting on the cover of the Divas 2003 Magazine we couldn't be happier for her.

However, in all that one appearance is alluding us. For most of us, that appearance is Ontario Golf. I've gotten other people involved, done lots of researched, even tried getting in touch with Trish herself but so far I've not been able to uncover any information about Ontario Golf (heck I can't even find information about this publication itself!)

So, to anyone out in Ontario, keep your eyes peeled for Trish in it! When she does appear in it the majority of us won't get to see it, so any help locating it or getting a hold of scans would make it great. Drop us an email at stratusfaction411@hotmail.com to assist in making sure every fan has a chance to see it.

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