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Thursday, March 06, 2003

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Thanks for reading the Stratusfaction 411 Newsletter. This week was a really exciting on for Trish and next week looks to be as exciting!

Monday Night Trish!
March 3rd, 2002

We were treated with a typical Divas tag match last night pitting Trish and Jackie against Victoria and Jazz. Though the story wasn't advanced, you could see the friction between the Women's Champ and her tag partner. Right from the start they were arguing and Trish took control by delivering a double dose of Stratusfaction. Trish came away with the winning pin on Victoria while Jackie was busy keeping Jazz off Trish. Visit Stratusfaction 411 for a chance to participate in a pole regarding the match.


Don't forget to catch WWE Confidential this weekend for a preview about the upcoming MadTV spot Trish will be appearing in. Trish mentioned it on her site last month and it's finally coming. Remember to tune in March 15th when our lovely Maple Leaf takes on acting in a night of laughs. Check out the MadTv Preview available for viewing.


There's been some talk on Stratusfied.Com about doing a chat. I'm seriously considering doing a formal chat each week the hour leading up to Raw. Check out those forums for a chance to give your opinion on when we should do that chat and other great topics of discussion.


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