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Thursday, February 28, 2003

Introduction Headlines

Thankyou all for signing up to the Stratusfaction 411 Newsletter. I was very surprised and happy to see how many people actually showed interested in it and signed up. This is going to the be a little rough for awhile. This is actually the third layout I've designed and I'm still not totally happy with it. Please bare with me while I try to finalize the format.

Monday Night Trish!
February 24th, 2002

I'm sure by now everyone knows that our Canadian Maple Leaf is back and kicking butt! It took three of the four Referees that came out to break up the attack to pull Trish off Jazz when she struck. Next week looks very exciting especially since Trish managed to get off a chick kick on Victoria while she was trying to enter the brawl.


All the talk isn't about the upcoming Raw in New York, but what we will see at Wrestlemania 19. No doubt this'll be one of the most exciting matches for the Women's Division. Since Trish's come back from her ankle surgery all those months ago Trish has been at the top of the Women's Division. Now she's got to extremely strong and skilled rivals, both who want to destroy her and claim the Women's Title as their own. Who will walk away from Wrestlemania with a belt and who will need to be carried away?

Exciting New Products

You may not have heard but there are some exciting new products on the way for all us Stratusfiends. For all the female fans WWE ShopZone will soon be selling the cute little Stratusfaction top that Trish has been seen wearing when she's not in her wrestling gear. I know I'm looking foward to that. Another new product that's already out is a Trish Bobbleheads! Can you believe it! Talk about a collectable. Who doesn't enjoy a good Bobblehead. Well now you get to add a Bobblehead of the Maple Lead Beauty to your own collection.


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